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    Monday, April 18, 2005


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    Its about time you finished it and you're going to love wearing it and I've told you that lace is the best thing on earth. You should always listen to me. Most of the time.


    Lace knitting is addictive. You are going to be hooked!
    It's absolutely lovely.


    Oh yes, lace! There is always need of lace in ones knitting life. It is beautiful and you'll love wearing it forever!


    Just wonderful, Norma.
    I bet you'll never take it off.


    Truly dear - you more than did the yarn justice. It is stunning.


    Oh, it's lovely! The beads are so subtle--I love that.


    Gorgeous, Norma! I practically live in the arctic, too, yet it's near 80 today. It's a fluke. We could just as well have snow on Wednesday.


    It's just beautiful. I can see more lace in your future!


    That is one beautiful scarf! Was it hard to string all the beads on? They're so tiny & perfect in it.
    -gale (she shoots sheep shots)


    I still remember when you got that yarn I thought it was some of the most lovely stuff I'd ever seen. Well it looks even better as a scarf! Great work. :)


    Lovely lovely. I tried to have an outdoor photoshoot but too many bugs and stinky bushes. :)


    Phew! Got me scared there to scroll down and see the picture! ha! ;)
    It is lovely! Just beautiful!


    Stunning. There's no going back now. You're going to be pulled in by the evil lure of lace.


    Beautiful, simply beautiful.

    As a dear sweet friend of my parents used to say, "Where it in the best of health."


    Gorgeous scarf!!!!!


    Oy, Carma, WEAR it in the best of health.

    Geez pass me another ;)


    It's truly beautiful and elegant. Great job!


    Beautiful !


    That scarf is absolutely gorgeous! But you don't actually think you get to keep it do you? How many daughters do you have? Hmmm? There's gonna be a fight, just get ready.


    I love it. Can I have it?


    I love how the beading is so subtle. Beautiful scarf!


    It's lovely! It couldn't be your first lace - looks too good!

    julia fc

    Yeah! I'll put an asterix by your name in the lace along. . .uh, oh yeah sorry about that. It's lovely, but I bet it's even better in person. You should wear it to NHS&W, okay? Then I can admire it for real I promise not to drool.


    What a beauty! Love the pattern.


    A stunner, girlfriend. Absolutely gorgeous!


    WAIT. That is your FIRST lace project? It's too fabulous to be the first. You are LYING. I call shenanigans.



    It is very beautiful. Color, pattern, yarn, beads. Perfect.


    handspun hand knit lace - oooooh, heaven on earth. You both did good!! I assume you will wear this to Utah? I will kick in $s to the fund (whatever Anne called it - I laughed too hard and forgot to make a note)

    Beth S.

    First Plain Vanilla, now this exquisite lace scarf... you really know how to pick a winner. I love it!


    I really, truly love it! I'm going to have to make one just like it. Listen to Cassie. She is ALWAYS right. (Now she owe's me one, the lucky little thing. I heard she has big travel plans.)


    I really, truly love it! I'm going to have to make one just like it. Listen to Cassie. She is ALWAYS right. (Now she owe's me one, the lucky little thing. I heard she has big travel plans.)

    Beth S.

    Oh, and you know what else? Your beautiful scarf illustrates why I prefer to knit lace with solid-colored yarns. I clicked on the link to the scarf pattern, and the sample scarf they show isn't even recognizable as the same project. It's just a muddled blob of color; the lacy texture is completely lost.


    That is so pretty! The beads are a perfect match.


    What a beautiful scark Norma. One day I'd like to try something beaded. Bling Bling! :-)


    I meant scarf. I'm rushing out to dinner. :-)

    K. Anne

    Very pretty! I have to work up the nerve to even try lace. Looking at your finished scarf is making me want to do so in a baaaad way!


    I bet it's gorgeous in person. Beautiful!

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