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    Wednesday, February 09, 2005


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    I think that my favorite word of the moment is CRAPTASTIC.
    It's the perfect word, really.
    Happy chocolating, Lucy. The upside is that chocolate soon will hold no power over you. The smell will make you pine for carrots.
    And that, my friend, is NOT craptastic.

    Mary Beth



    That Ryan is one very fab young man by the sounds of it. Pays attention to what his mother might like for Xmas and enlists help to get it right. Writes thank you notes. etc. etc. Abigail sure has a good one there.

    As for the factory work, they say a change is as good as a rest so maybe you will just fly through that must have after the 14th.


    It's absolutely beautiful!! And I LOVE the name. Hepburn. *swoon*

    If the handles are too short hon, I can redo them -- would be happy to. I always measure out the same amount of wire, but apparently I screwed up on this one.....?!


    Hepburn is one classic bit of bling. I think shorter handles are better for this one. And I have worked making chocolates in a small shop before , came home smelling of chocolate every day and I never longed for no


    Hepburn, how appropriate. I love it. As nice as the bag was, those handles make it!


    "et the fuck cetera" is now officially my new favorite word (or would that be phrase?)

    And, wow, Ryan seems like one helluva guy (as is befitting someone as wonderful as Abigail).


    Ooolala, Audrey is a real chic, chic. All that chocolate must be very healing. I'll trade you jobs for a day...yum!


    Hepburn is the perfect name for that purse. And it's gorgeous, even in the craptastic photo.


    The name Hepburn really suits that gorgeous purse. I love, love, love it!!!

    Kelly O

    Blog the word for 2004
    Craptastic the word for 2005.
    Could we improve on a good thing? Crapfuckintastic!


    Harlot's right - it's colder cos it's Canada. London, England, is at about 52 degrees north, about 7 degrees north of you, but that's much warmer!


    Norma, I'm curious. You live in Vermont and work at a chocolate factory. By any chance is it "Vermont NutFree Chocolates"? If so, I LOVE that chocolate factory!! I have a peanut allergy child and it is the only chocolate she is allowed to consume. Love the new purse. I really need to try making one, but am trying to finish up Clapotis and start a pair of monkey socks.

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