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    Sunday, February 20, 2005


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    Jean E.

    Norma, you have inspired me to inspect and down-size my stash!! I started an e-bay sellers account yesterday( The hardest part of that process was figuring out they wanted my 9 digit zip code which it doesn't state in the form) I already sold some yarn with the buy it now option. So far I am just selling the yarn leftovers from projects I am done with (notice I did not say finished) Also, I listed some books with amazon. check out the price on the Alice Starmore Aran Knitting book.


    I cannot believe that you've been (re)knitting for such a short period of time! My whole first year I was twisting sts and meanwhile you were knitting Rogue and with beaded handspun. I want to see these crocheted stuffed animals! I like how Norma's Yard Sale is a 'sell or trade' establishmen which leaves the option open of maintaining, or even increasing, the stash :)


    I'm not documenting my stash! I prefer to live in a state of denial. However, I'm loving looking at your stash. Beautiful yarn....yummy!


    Norma, go ahead and send it to me. I have a house full of sick ones and I could use the break. :)


    The socks strike again. They are sitting in my basket laughing at me, while I have a cough, sneezing and fever. I should just use the damn things for Kleenex.


    After seeing your stash documentation I feel like an amature stasher! Grrl, oh got a buch o'yarn!


    Hey, I'll answer that meme :) I am looking forward to knitting Rogue, but I do have one question. How long were the circulars you used? I don't think it's listed in the pattern :)


    I tried to warn you when you mentioned your stash documentation idea, but you didn't listen. My name is Cassandra. You should tremble when I act all prophetic and shit. I hope you've learned some kind of lesson from all of this.

    Lisa in Oregon

    Loved the stash pics...Much more fun to see it than just read a list or chart...My Bday is coming and I'm asking for ..... a digital camera....!

    Ahem...I should amend that to "I'm asking (myself) for a digital camera!"

    :-D L


    That's an impressive stash for a relative newbie knitter. However, I'm still laughing about the part where you say you are not going to any sheep and wool festivals.I guess you were lying a few posts back about the new bags to take to Rheinbeck. Fibber, fibbety-fib-fib!


    I love those bags. Are they Sohpies? I've knit several Sophies but mine don't look nearly as good as those. I'd love to know the pattern and yarn you used. Thanks.


    I live in a state of permanent documented-ness, updated as the new yarn comes in, which right now is very slowly as I'm out of a job. Just one question: Are you stashing koigu to make the koigu pants? Gotta see those!


    The newest Berroco books have patterns for the Denim Silk...I don't remember if they are nice or not but they are there. :) I was just going through my stash and feeling the same as you...I am planning to catalogue it too.


    Norma, you have inspiired me to get off my butt and get my yarns either listed on eBay or create a photo blog like yours. And for someone who has been knitting about a year, you certainly have managed to acquire plenty of yarn.

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