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    Friday, February 04, 2005


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    No maligning the Must Have. The photo is lovely. Your progress is lovely too. Soon the cables will all start to make sense and you'll be able to see where they're supposed to go. Just keep at it. You're doing great!


    Two Old Bags (TM) has a pattern booklet out called "Wooly Embellishments" I haven't bought it yet, but I want to (read: guinea pig, Norma) But it has some funky felted flowers, and strings of wool beads in it. Looks pretty neat.

    Lisa in Oregon

    I think your MH is gorgeous!! While this will be my first 'officia' aran too...I have dinked around with cables some and know that the first few rows I am constantly thinking "this can NOT be right..." but, then it is!

    I also plan on being "deliberate" as you so well put it...and I am aware there may be great ripping ahead...there's no time limit now is there....FF 22 years: "Yes, and finally, Lisa in Oregon has finished the back and one front of her MH..."


    Deb (Yentala) could help you out with the felted flower pattern, I'll bet. The color of your Must Have is great -- it's going to be gorgeous, dontchano!


    If you are looking for flower ideas, you might try out some of the links from Pinku's Flower Swap.

    I made the Perky Poppy from MagKnits.

    Another idea is a felted rose, ala the Felted Flower Bag from the current Vogue Knitting.


    Who knows. Maybe someday you'll knit aran patterned SOCKS too.


    the newest vogue knitting has a very funky feleted flower bag with 4-5 roses felted for the top. very cool.

    also there is always knitting on the edge and knitted embellishments from nicky epstein. I've borrowed those from the library.

    MH looks great!!


    The Amawalk yarn looks amazing, in spite of the really bizarre falling-off-the-edge-of-the-world photo.

    Stitch markers rule.


    Love the color, Norma! I think you might still have a "phone a friend" in your pocket...


    OOOh, love the color. And ya gotta love getting cool stuff in the mail! I know I love sending cool stuff. Gah, your comments reminded me that I want to make that flower basket bag from VK. *sigh* Another project. Joy!

    Jo in Ottawa

    You'll be amazed how quickly you get into the pattern. Once you get a full repeat of it done, you will have that to look at to check what you are doing and it will become easier to see when you knit and when you purl and which way the cables are crossing. Relax and enjoy it. It will be lovely when it's done. The only problem is that you might have to wear PV less so you can wear it!



    funny thing.. this topic came up on knitters review today. not all of them are felted, but why the heck not?? if you made it on bigger needles.. (say 10s-13s) in wool and felted them I don't see why they wouldn't work.


    Your photo isn't crappy. You're doing very well - it will look great - such a wonderful rich yarn. Keep it up.


    I have a free felted flower pattern on my website. Betsy

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