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    Wednesday, January 12, 2005


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    "this might be a little chilly..."


    "...insert the diaphragm..."

    Siow Chin

    Oh dear, am I thinking what you're thinking about the photo? And because of your teal Natalya, I cast aside everything I'm making last night and cast on a pair for myself!


    The Ice Princess Warms Up


    The wristlets are nice. Too bad I live somewhere too warm for wristlets.

    How durable do you find the Patons? I'm told it pills a lot. Pretty colour though.


    ROFLMFAO!! What more can I say..........hahahaha


    You don't want to know what I think the mitten pic should be called.

    Glad to see you're making progress on some knitting. Are you sure those are for Abigail?


    It looks like it's going to swallow your hand and take off with it. It's you who has the dirty mind;-)


    LOL - knitting porn...gotta love it!

    thanks for the lovely comments on natalya. and please let me know if you find any mistakes. it's my first pattern and i want to make sure i get it right :)


    "See, Abigail, this is what mother was talking about."


    Okay, okay.

    "Deep Mitten"


    "Open wide and say AHHHHHH!...."


    "Honey, I can't see the goldfish anymore..."


    You crack me up, Ms. Innocent! Now you've posted it twice!!! A caption? You asked for it: "Peter heater" . An answer for all those google searches.....


    "Is that micro fleece or are you just happy to see me?"

    Lisa in Oregon

    "The knitted condom"

    Ineffective as birth control...but' warm.

    I also want to know about the Patons. I didn't know it pilled...but I also don't really know much about it. Isn't carried by my LYS, but I have been watching some on Ebay.....I assume you like it, can you tell me why?? :) You're a card Norma.


    um... When I first saw it, my brain slipped into the gutter, although I can't really say exactly WHERE in the gutter, I just knew it was there! It does look cozy, however. I print out a copy of the wrist warmers pattern, too. I think my daughter would like a pair!


    Yummmmmmm! Love that gauntlet. It's now in my queue too.


    Funny, I thought the photo looked like a snapdragon flower.
    Oh, and thanks for the enabling. I pulled out some Patons Classic last night. Now I just have to leave it on my dining room with some needles and hope the yarn fairies knit me up a new pair of wristwarmers.


    How come all your readers are nuts? Could it be like attracted to like?

    I adore the fingerless gloves and thanks for the link to the Natalya pattern. Your enabling is done for the day, check it off the to do list.


    poster child for "knitting is sexy"


    I was thinking this when you first posted the picture, and my caption is inspired by my trip to the GYN this week!

    "OK, now that we've got that part out of the way, let me do a manual inspection of your uterus. You'll feel some pressure here..."


    is that a little fish or something dangling from your stitch marker. V. cute. The wrist warmer is lovely. I used some leftover Paton's classic (leftover from a felting project -- it felts v. nicely as Norma has already noted) to make socks for my 7 year old to wear in her skates. They worked well, too.


    I'm sorry. It's too terribly funny.

    (voice of The Creator)
    "Well, I tried to follow the pattern. But it seems it is a little wide and I don't think that hole should be that big ..."

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