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    « Sophie Bag With Beaded Handles, Start to Finish - PART II | Main | Glam Shots »

    Wednesday, January 05, 2005


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    Thanks for the great tutorial. The Sophie looks great - nice job.


    You should have your own show! these entries will go down in google history as the primer for felted purse with handles.
    I thank you for sharing all of this.


    I'm sorry. You didn't give a link to the pattern. Can you tell me where to buy it again?

    Can I order the grommets from you?

    And stop padding your .... you know what.


    Sophie is great and the tutorial is even better! One question though?? If those D rings go completely thru the bag from one side to the other on both sides?? How do you get it open enough to cram things in?


    Oy! Don't knock snooker! I have very fond memories of watching snooker matches on TV back when I lived in England. For a while there, my mom and I were completely hooked.
    Meanwhile, great tutorial and I love those handles! What great colors!

    Mary Beth

    What are grommets? Where do you buy them? I like your sweater. Where did you get it? Norma, seriously, this is amazing and must have taken you HOURS to put together with all the photos and text! Have you been calling in sick?? I only hope this wins you a best of in 2005 - Best of Tutoritals goes to Norma!


    Hi, Norma ~ great tutorial! I knit a Sophie and ran out of yarn, so am planning to add plastic handles and will line the bag, using lining fabric to attach them. It's due for a Mardi Gras auction, so I'll let you (and everyone else!) know how it goes ~

    Lisa in Oregon

    I got totally caught up at the pottery, what a talented gal!

    Oh, yeah. Your bag stuff is okay too. Really.


    Thanks for posting the very helpful how-to guide! The bag turned out beautifully. I can see why you're keeping her!


    Well, I've been watching your beaded Sophies for a while now, and this is the final straw. I have to have one. They are so lovely, and just the perfect size for me. I adore them, every last one I have seen. Then you went and wrote out all the instructions. I have no more excuses (please don't mention all of the unfinished things that must become finished before I can start something new, I'll cry).


    Hey, Norma, it just occurred to me, that if you add a lining (yes I know that is another step and another skill, but heck, we've already been to the yarn store, the craft store and the Home Depot, what's one little extra trip to the fabric store?), then you could add any closure you want and attach it to the lining - no tell-tale brads on the outside. You would want to anchor the lining to the innerds well at the bottom corners, but hey, what a cool bag, and secure!


    Ack! Okay, so I promise to read the entire post before posting again.


    Here's how to attached magnetic snaps that won't show through.
    Knit two small squares in garter stitch from the same yarn you used for the bag. Felt them when you felt the bag. Attach the magnets to the small felted squares. Sew the squares (with the magnets already attached) into the inside of the bag using a blanket stitch.


    Thank you so much Norma for the Sophie making lessons! You just don't know how much I appreciate it! And what great timing! I just finished a Sophie and was wondering exactly how to attach the handles. Thanks to you, now I do!


    Great tutorial and kudos to your photographer too!


    I love the image of your husband doing the voiceover! Cracked me up!


    Thank you so much for the tutorial! Would you believe I was so clueless I originally thought you must have put the eyelets in somehow before felting. In retrospect no wonder I couldn't imagine how that could be done.


    Hey Norma, my boyfriend had some thoughts on the magnetic closure issue which he will now share with you:

    "You can definitely use a magnetic closure on a purse without fear of erasing your credit cards. In order for a change to occur in the magnetization of one of the very tiny ferromagnets on the back of your card you have to have a very strong time change in the magnetic field parallel to the magnetic moment of the ferromagnet. In english, you either have to use a VERY powerful magnet or move your card VERY fast next to it in order to destroy the information in the strip."

    Isn't he cute? His first (and probably last, unless someone posts something else science-related) comment!


    Thank you SO MUCH for the grommet photo-lesson. I've purchased some for my bag-in-progress and can't wait to try it.

    Amy Boogie

    Thanks for the plug :) And you gave such an awesome detailed tutorail. You totally kick ass!


    Well, I've cancelled my Metro pass via one of those magnetic purse closures. Maybe they're much weaker than the credit cards, but it does happen.


    Thanks for posting such wonderfully detailed and complete directions!


    Have you or can you make your beaded handles and if you can what type of handle materials do you use? ie. how heavy a gage of wire and hardwear etc. Thanks. Kris


    Holy Sh** Batman@! That is one FABULOUS bag! I am definitely printing out all this and trying that.

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