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    « 2005 Already? | Main | Sophie Bag With Beaded Handles, Start to Finish - PART II »

    Monday, January 03, 2005


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    Lisa in Oregon

    I, for one, am thrilled you are taking us step by step through your process. I realize many could make changes here and there with their eyes closed, but I get stressed out. So if no one else appreciates it Norma, I DO!!! ;) L



    With my chin resting on my fist. No, not really :)

    Can't wait for the next installment. I was just going to try this pattern--printed it off and everything. Now I'll watch. . .and wait. . .


    this is great! can't wait to see what's next.


    But can you please tell me where I can find this Sophie pattern? And what's a google?


    Wow, what fantastically clear instructions! I can see you writing technical knitting how-to manuals, m'dear! Clear, concise, and helpful.

    Thank you for the mention, and for the kind words! Wait until you see the new look I'm working on for my site...I think you'll like it!


    Thank you! A friend is really working on adapting the booga bag with some closures so you are giving her sources and ideas via me!

    Deb from PA

    My New Years resolution was to finish up some of the projects I have before starting a new one, guess that resolution will have to wait til next year!! Thank you for going thru step by step. I have had a keen interest in the beautiful bags you have done but where much to timid about felting to try. My mind races ahead to a large knitting bag.....


    I've got two skeins of beautiful pink Manos that just might have to be this bag. I may need more yarn though. Would you double up the Manos, or is it thick enough on it's own. Thank you for the hardware instructions - a trip to the Depot might be in my future.


    You've made it so easy that I MUST make a bag now. The real reason is that I want some beaded handles from Kim. The bag has a very chic look and we should all be seen with one this season, qui, qui.


    This is thrilling. (And it's saving me tons of time explaining it over on my blog)
    Smart and helpful. That's Norma.

    Mary Beth

    Awesome, Norma! Very generous of you to share this with us! I GOTTA make a bag! I will. I will.


    Norma, this is fantastic! Thank you so much. Now I can make my own army of pretty felted beaded-handled bags.


    Those handles are so beautiful, I wish I knew someone femmey enough to use a bag like that. Still loving the blog Norma. Happy 2005.


    Great step-by-step instructions, Norma. I agree completely that the bag is much better knit with a double strand. FYI, I made a pair of Fuzzy Feet from Patons Wool Classic and they never felted. So if you use Patons, swatch first--some colors (mine was a light heathered brown/grey) don't felt.


    Oh, and before I forget--I did the bind off differently. Interested?


    frantically printing right now - I can hardly wait to get started! You've actually inspired me to de-lurk - and that's saying something!


    now why can't more pattern writers do what you just makes me actually WANT to make the purse

    of course, that is not to detract from the genius of Ms. Anderson!

    Thx Norma


    Thanks so much for spending the time to put this together. So now you don't have to answer all the questions one by one - you can just point to this entry. Brilliant! I have wanted one since I first saw your pink one and I already had made a regular sofie bag so I knew the pattern. My second and third sofie bags (regular ones) did not come out as well as the first and now I know it was the different dyes. Black did not work at all and my magenta one took a third wash. If this were in a pdf doc, that would be cool too - you know for downloading and printing. Just a thought. You're a peach!


    Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you for those detailed instructions, especially the pictures of the hardware. Love the beaded handles, they're perfect, and I have THE Gift Idea for my Best Knitting Friend all taken care of now.


    Norma......what a great gift to us!! I will tune in tomorrow....same bat time....same bat channel...LOL!


    You are a goddess of knitting, and I adore your rendition of Sophie, and thank you profusely for your step-by-step how-to action!
    I know this isn't necessarily the best place for questions, but this one has been burning me up and no one will answer me in my usual spot -- does it matter what kind of decreases one does in the Sophie bag? i.e. should they be paired as k2tog and ssk, or something similar? I know, I'm being a moron, but I can't make an educated guess here, b/c I'm not that educated in knitting!!!


    I have just finished a sophie bag... can't wait to see what yours will look like with the fancy beaded handle!!...

    Hurry up hehee



    I just love your interpertation of the Sophie bag. How did you knit the flap (black bag). Beautiful and so smart looking.

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