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    Friday, December 10, 2004


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    encouragement? how about some DIScouragement?

    aspertame, the sweetener in diet products, is a dangerous chemical. when aspertame is heated beyond 86 degrees (i think? something like that) part of it combines with atmospheric chemicals to convert to formaldehyde. yep, the shit they PRESERVE BODY PARTS in.

    diet pepsi was actually one of the 'sponsors' of the first desert war shindig. cases and cases of soda were left out in the sun to heat to almost boiling, and were only cooled down when they were going to be consumed. this chemical recombination is actually pointed to as one of the possible contributors to 'desert storm syndrome', the sickness a lot of the troops came down with while there, or recently home.

    consider your body, a 'normal' temperature of 98.6 degrees. well above 86! so when you drink it, it may be fine, but it'll reach critical temperature some time before it's passed through your system, i can guarantee that!

    still want that diet soda? :)


    Oh, that Alice, raining on so many parades! haha!
    Maybe they will come out with a diet coke/pepsi patch. You know, to take away the edge??
    Cascade 220 is one of My Absolute Favorites. Ever.


    I absolutely agree with everything you said about the Rogue pattern~ truly manageable for a beginner. I am wearing mine right now, and dreaming about one made with Cascade 220. I may have to make a visit to the LYS...

    And, thanks Alice for the diet Pepsi info. Eww. I did NOT know that.


    Wow - quite an argument for the Rogue. I'll have to re-examine my reluctance. I might have to knit it for the pattern alone. I know exactly what you're saying about those layout department dingleberries. It's like reading a pattern that went through WWII censors or something. Stuff's just missing. So glad Abigail loved her sweater. You WILL succeed in the DC/DP fight!


    Have you tried Diet Coke with Lime? It's wooonderful. Not real healthy or homeopathic, but tasty, anyway. ;)

    LOVE that Cascade 220. One of the most versatile yarns ever!

    Mary Beth

    Hang in there NORMA! Make TEA! Hot, cozy tea with honey or sugar or milk or cream or whatever it takes! I've been (almost) off the diets for a while - occasionally I have one at lunch, but not everyday anymore. It's like anything - once it's gone you don't really miss it (I don't think that applies to cigarettes, but I never smoked so I wouldn't know.)


    Whenever the urge for another DC/DP hits, mentally juxtapose the image of Michael J. Fox as former Diet Pepsi spokesman with Michael J. Fox as Parkinson disease spokesman, then contemplate whether there might be a connection.

    Gotta go see if I can find a good deal on Cascade 220.


    Before you get all upset about aspartame, you might want to check out this:
    The ol' aspartame formaldehyde hootenanny is actually a hoax.
    Now, I'm not saying that aspartame is actually *good* for you, but before you start freaking out please check your facts. The Snopes page has at the bottom all kinds of links to reports in the Lancet and other sound medical sources debunking this.

    Norma, you can do it. One of my coworkers was drinking 2 to 4 liters of diet coke a day and has managed to scale back to only a small bottle or two. Unfortunately, she couldn't quit entirely, but I'm sure you can because you aren't drinking multiple liters a day of the stuff! Good luck! Excelsior! and so on.


    Ohhhhh, some friends and I were just talking about knitting Rogue, and you just answered my two questions (Won't it be too hard? Can I make it from Cascade 220?) in one post! Thank you!!


    Thought this might interest you or sicken you, whatever helps.
    Maybe you need the Betty Ford Clinic website instead? Keep working on it.
    Can feel the karma for Rogue, the temptation is there but what about the decorating, baking, wrapping...


    Ok! You convinced me! I have been sitting on the fence about knitting this sweater for my daughter, who is 18, and I know would really like it. Will be you be my sponsor and offer me support when I want to jump out a window and bail out and fall off the wagon? I survived Audrey, so now I feel I can accomplish something more substantial. I did download the pattern (19 pages!!!!) - I thought my printer was going to seize! I can be your sponsor while you try to wean yourself of DP/DC? ;)


    Regarding the diet sodas, what they all said... it worked for me to quit cold turkey. For diet sodas, that is... I stil drink an occassional regular soda.

    I love the Rogue, and even more tempted now to print out that pattern and try it out in the spring. Yes, *the spring* as the Harlot completely seduced me with the Latvian Mitts of Lust. With insanely small needles and fingerweight yarn soon to be in hand, it will be a while before I get to any cabled goodness. I do appreciate your review of it, though! And it did turn out beautiful =)


    Norma? Norma? NORMA! Back AWAY from the aspartame, Norma. Just put it down. Go get a glass of water with half a lemon squeezed in. There. Now isn't that better?


    Yeah. Rogue is officially on The List now. You heard it here first. Go slowly when weening yourself off DC/DP. I substituted Club Soda for every other DC to do it and look at me, I'm (mostly) ok for it.


    I agree with the "go slow", although you probably don't want to hear HOW SLOW I went, haha!! My husband went on a diet two and a half years ago. He started buying less and less soda pop as time went on. Usually my kids would finish it off before I had more than one glass. Now we are to the point where my husband is loathe to even buy it for the Holidays. I used to swear that I would spend my last dollar on a Coke, but now find that I can get by with just the occasional pop when we eat out.Never thought I'd see the day........


    Rogue and Cascade...two great things in the knit world. Diet soda (pop)? I KNOW you have the strength and determination to beat this thing. It’s bad, bad, bad (the carbon in it kills the oxygen in the blood as well as what Alice said). That means you need to breath twice as hard!


    And I think a lighter hood is a good thing. Many people who have made it ended up with the same problem I did, that heavy hood would pull the front of the sweater up around my neck. Hate that. Still wear the sweater but it would be nice to have one with a lighter hood.


    Well, a lurker no longer I suppose! Thanks for all of the encouraging words about I know it's defintely achievable, and in one of my favorite, albeit available only by mail order where I live, yarns.
    Re: Diet pop addiction (yes, it's a Cdn. thing to say 'pop' instead of 'soda')...I kicked my addiction to regular coke (so terrible, so much sugar in addition to everything else!) by taking up coffee to replace the caffeine. The catch is that I will only drink it with skim milk and no sugar - otherwise I may as well just drink the coke. Tastes pretty terrible, but if the craving is JUST THAT BAD I can stomache it. At least now I think about what caffinated beverage I'm pouring down my throat, instead of merrily downing can after can! Good luck :)
    (although, aren't you a little worried that you are trying to combat a physical addiction right around the most stressful time of year? you are a braver woman than I!)


    This is one of the many reasons why I adore you...

    "some dingleberry in the layout department"

    I love women who can tell it like it is...WORD!

    rogue is next for me! :) no bs either!


    Even better,imagine Michael J. Fox morphing into Michael Jackson as "The Power of Love" segues into "Beat It".


    Do you think Rogue would be any good in a cotton arcylic blend? (Not Calmer which, from my experience, wouldn't hold up.) It's 63 and sunny here in Texas today. Wool, no matter how lightweight, would result in a sweater I could wear maybe two months a year.




    I am going to have to get some Cascade 220 for Rogue. Thanks for the pitch! Just have to decide what color now...yours really looks fab. Good luck with the diet soda. I have at least one a day to help keep me going. I should probably quit too.


    Hang in there with the Diet Pepsi challenge! And thanks for all your thoughts on Rogue. It's such a help to have people give clear assessments of patterns after their done. :)


    The only cure for diet pepsi addiction is cigarette smoking. The good news is that as a newbie smoker, you can get hooked and stay on the cheap stuff, like Basics. If you start off on Marlboros, it's very hard to downgrade.

    The rogue looks really pretty but I ain't ever caught on to the hooded sweater thing. Didn't like it in 70's either. Lumpy.


    Oh no, Michelene has put me off of consuming ANYTHING -- Diet Pepsi, Diet Coke, supper, chocolate, ANYTHING -- with THAT image.

    Lisa in Oregon

    Rogue....SOLD. I'll do it! I may not finish it mind you, but, damn, I'll start it!!

    I have a STUNNING, and I do MEAN stunning 16 year old daughter. I GET the "I'm being nice because I would really like to see you naked, bay-bee" thing from men...even, barf, adult men. She gets hit on constantly by older men, tho it is obvious she is still quite young. Thank god she always ends telling me this with a "it was GROSS Mom...he was".


    I hate to sound like someone trying to sell a drug addict "crack light" as a healty alternative to the real thing, but you do know that they make caffeine free diet coke/pepsi.


    I understand the "I can die now" comment -- it is not easy to please the teenage girl so we get used to not pleasing them. Then they go to college and become more and more human (and humane!) I figured I could "die now" when my college senior daughter decided in August that she wanted to learn again (she tried when she was 5) and is now starting sweater #3. I even excited phone calls about teh yarn she bought. Ah, heaven!!!!!!!


    Well I didn't quit cold turkey successfully until the third or fourth try. So you had one, big deal eventually you will quit. Don't use falling off the wagon as an excuse to quit trying.

    I completely agree about Rogue. I'm doing it now in that elann Peruvian Collection Highland Wool and it is an awesomely written pattern! Someone asked me if I wasn't concerned that the pattern had been around the block a few times but a classic and this qualifies.


    Ah, the one reason I had put the Rogue at the bottom of my to-do pile is I just didn't like the thought of making it in a heavy yarn (although it does look beautiful from the pictures I've seen), and I do like the feel and look of Cascade 220. NOW the combination of the two has entered my brain. I have the beginning of the Ribby Cardi on the needles in 220 right now, and it's wonderful.


    OK Norma, let's try this together. I had a diet Coke habit that I managed to kick for three years. Yup, that is three whole years without a single drop. And then, my master's thesis happened. I snapped two months before the thesis was due and marched into 7-11 for, not just a can of diet Coke, but a Super Big Gulp of the stuff. This was a year and half ago. Now, I don't keep it in the house, but I have it any time I'm eating out (which is too often). So, I say we kick it together! (But, please, after I turn in the last &*&^^%$ paper of this semester.)

    And BLESS YOU for railing against the abuse of "myself"!! I HATE that!!! (Technically it would be "like I" above, but I don't flinch at "like me" in such situations.)


    Love Cascade 220 for cables. Hate hate hate! that Elann Peruvian Highland Wool I got (count'em 24). It has no body and has a wierd dirty look to it but it is soft and has nice hand.
    I'm addicted to diet pepsi-caffeine and phosphoric acid (for energy transfer) is good for you. Might as well go through life happy rather than deprived.


    Love love love that Elann graciously credited me back in full for the Peruvian Highland Wool I sent back to them. OK I admit it...

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