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    Tuesday, November 30, 2004


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    Wow! That purse is too sweet. Love what you did with the handles and things.


    I want one! PERFECT just the way it is! Lucky recipient! :)


    That is so f***ing cute, Norma!! I am making one NOW! Love the handles. I must say that is the coolest fetled bag I have seen out here in blog-land. i love it!


    Aren't you even going to let us know the names of the ogre children?


    That bag is great just the way it is. I will have to try doubling the yarn as my felted bags are sometimes too floppy.


    Wow, that bag is BEAUTIFUL! It looks so smooth and even.. my felted things don't come out that way.. and the handle just gives it such an upscale look. I definitely wouldn't add anything else though (maybe a small piece of velcro inside that doesn't show just to keep it closed).. but the smooth straight line of the top of the bag really makes it look classy!

    Ok, and the ultimate knitting "compliment" it looks STORE bought! Hey NOrma, today's my birthday.. will you make me one in blue???



    The bag IS jussst right! Blogging sure does make the list longer. :))


    I wanna see the ogre children!!


    It is adorable! The handles *make* the bag. Great job & worth the wait. :)


    A most BEAUTEOUS bag! Lovely! Thanks for sharing all the background info!


    It turned out GREAT! You've got such a good eye for color. Good call, doubling the yarn--it's perfect. And the rings for the handles---very very cool! I'm going to have to look into those....

    Thanks for the linkage, sweetpea! xxoo


    The bag is fantastic! I want to make something funky cool for my sister and those handles are wonderful. I'm definitely going to check out Gibson Girl Design for some beads I need for a scarf. Thanks for the links.


    that's the nicest sophie bag.I adore the handles.mind if I copy you?


    Love, love, LOVE your sophie!!!


    Oh, my! That is the most beautiful purse ever - and I am not a purse person. I want to make a little black one and have a life where I go out to 'evening functions' so I can use it! If I make the purse, maybe the lifestyle will come?!


    That's the cutest bag I ever saw! I just finished felting my first project - a bag - this one, in red:
    Now I have to do one like yours. What a delight!


    I have to echo all that is said here - great job! The handle makes the bag and I've decided I want one for my birthday too....


    Hey Norma--the d-shaped thing you found that worked so well for your fabbo pink Sophie is called a "D-shackle." So if you go to the Home Depot (or your major hardware store of choice), you can just ask the nice apron-wearing person to find you some (they come in *all* kinds of sizes and materials). And I'm guessing that they're cheaper from a hardware store...

    The handles are fantastic and truly make the bag. Excellent!


    Very cute purse! How about a magnetic clasp as a closure?


    Ahh. Norma voodoo. I don't like purses. I don't like pink. Not too fussed on felting neither.
    Must. Knit. That. Bag.
    I hope you never decide to use your powers for evil.


    Consider me officially inspired. What a great bag! Beaded handles never once entered my mind and yet now I am consumed. Just gorgeous!


    Yes, that is the most perfect bag that would actually be worn in style. You sure know how to pick 'em and knit 'em.
    Think that will be on my future 'to do' list.


    I knew that is why you disliked children. Because you *know* how hideous they can be.

    Yes, use your powers for evil! Please?!?

    Gorgeous bag, lady.

    Lisa in Oregon

    That bag is perfectly shaped!! How'd ya do that??? what did you use to block it?? I looked at Sophie and went, 'mmmm, maybe." Now, I will be getting cascade 220, doubling it and going for it....but again, I wanna know how you blocked it to get such perfect shaping!!

    :) L


    I would only do a clasp if you can find one that closely matches with those way cool handles...

    And I don't think we need to count ogre children. I never do (we don't have an attic, so mine live under the house.)


    I vote for no closure unless you attach a magnetic closure to the inside on separate scraps of felted squares so it can't be seen on the outside of the bag. I think any visible closure will detract from the fabulousness of the handles.


    Perfect -- don't add a thing! You did a great job and someone is a lucky lucky person.


    I've made 3 Sophies and they've all come out a little different. I made the first one in Lamb's Pride Bulky with a worsted stripe and it's sturdy and cooshy. (My 4yo carries her treasures in it). The next 2 were made in Cascade 220, 1 strand on US#10-1/2's. I felted them together (same time, same temp..) and the hot pink one came out denser and about 1/3 smaller than the orange one. (My 13yo loves the pink one since it is exactly the right size for her portable CD player). If you use Cascade, make sure you felt a test swatch so there are no surprises! BTW, I love how the beaded handles make it look like a completely different bag. More uptown and sophisticated.


    Thanks for the birthday wishes - they weren't belated, I just had two posts today because my husband posted once for me, and then I had to include my brother's song. I work in a radio station, so fine tuning the audio to get it onto the website was pretty simple...



    I was just wondering if you still used US 10.5 needles as the pattern suggests, even though you doubled the yarn. I love it. I'm going to make my sister one in charcoal grey for Christmas. Thanks!


    Careful, if you leave ogre children in the attic or basement too long, they might turn into rotten children like mine! (just kidding, they're only rotten some of the time!!)

    Laura in beautiful West Michigan


    No words can describe how beautiful the purse and beaded handle is!! I want one now! Thanks for all the info on it.
    I'm going to check it out now. Thanks again. :-)


    How funny - ogre children - We have a lovely Abigail too. I knit Abby her first pair of handknit socks in Magic Stripes "Spring" and they fit perfectly. She won't wear them. She is 4 - they are entirely too small for her ogre sister, Kandis who is full grown and living with her husband elsewhere. She wears the socks I made her - that's why she is getting a cute purse for Christmas. Abigail may get a lump of coal.


    It's absolutely beautiful. I want to make a purse now. I'm also considering doing handles like that for my booga bag that I still need to pick the yarn for.

    Thanks for sharing!

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