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    Tuesday, September 28, 2004


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    Tried to post once, but it ate it. (sigh). Just wanted to say thanks for the suggestion about knitting for the homeless. I think a lot of us figure we have warm houses and cars (and some of us don't have to go far to get to either) and forget about those who are a lot less fortunate.


    You are such a dear - what a lovely idea. Those mittens are going to be so warm and snuggy.

    Mary Beth

    Whew. About your daughter. I'm so jealous about these mittens but I couldn't find the thrum anywhere and I was too lazy to order a kit. I think your colors are FABULOUS!


    My heart was in my throat as I was reading the part about your daughter...and to turned out to be a RAOK!


    As my dear Mother-in-law would have said, a place in heaven will be reserved for you.


    Okay, thrums are on my list. And OUCH. I'm the list knitalonger! :)heehee! I'm secure enough in my knithood to not have a crisis though! :)
    Um.....great idea about mittens for the homeless. Now I have to stalk a homeless person to give them to! My favorite homeless person in town has disappeared from my view. I nicknamed him Red (because of red frizzy hair and red beard! ). He always had a cigar, never lit. And he directed traffic in my neighborhood. He would have been perfect~


    Great idea Norma...thanks for sharing that story. I am thrumming away too. Try Crystal's method of stabbing the little V's. It relieves tension and makes them look even. I am enjoying making these and plan several pair. Happy Thrumming!


    This post seems too touching for a limerick commment, but I won't let that stop me. RAOK to a whole new level, those who really need it, not just for fun and entertainment, but for dignity and survival.

    There once was knitter named Norma,
    she's the best, I have to inform ya.
    She thrums and she gives,
    shares with us where she lives,
    this friend makes blogland much warmer.


    Great story. Really great story!!!!! xoxox Kay


    Wow. That's a really great idea for your mittens (and a touching story to boot). By the way, love the idea of mittens knit flat, I'm having trouble keeping my thrums out of the way of all the needles...

    Barbara from Nova Scotia

    Hi Norma. Good idea. Right along the lines of what I was thinking, except I was going to make mittens for kids at my son's elementary school. Those poor kids wearing those ridiculous acrylic mittens... I have no idea why people think those will keep their kids' hands warm and dry. Of course they wouldn't. Only good old fashioned wool can do the job right! So if you have small amounts of left-over wool or other natural fibre (cotton excluded), make some little mittens for your local school. They are so fast to knit up. And kids will enjoy winter that much more. Sorry. I'll step off my soap box now! I'm to the thumb on my second thrum mitten. I am enjoying making them! They are not nearly as fussy as I thought they would be to make. Happy thrumming.

    Knitalong Loser

    and hanging my head in shame. Guess my knitalong was only for those folks who don't need no handholdin'. ;)


    I loved the story. I actually read it the other day and then couldn't remember *where*! I'm glad to have tracked it down. It made me get off my butt and get the local stitch and bitch in on a project. We're going to try out a little knit along to make hats for kids at the local childrens hospital who are in the cancer ward. If it goes well I'll try it again for another group of knitting targets. :) Thanks for the reminder that goodness is everywhere.

    p.s. love the harlot poncho. :)

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