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April 18, 2007



Well, look at this! WHOOHOO!


I've never belonged to a web-ring...but I do know all about knitting those socks...finished my first Magic 28 sock today, now on to its mate.



I'm all signed up and everything.

Katie B.

I'm too blog iggerant to post a button to join the web ring (but I think I might know who to bug for help...), but I've cast on!

Now to find the sheckels to buy a a set of #5 dpns so I can free up my favorite circs...

Katie B.

Update to my previous post - I actually took a look around at stuff, and not only added myself to the ring, but added the ring to my blog! YUS! I R LEET!! (not.)

Sock #1 is halfway down the foot. :3


I just stumbled upon this - I couldn't find a list of sockie charities anywhere, so I'd like to plug the charity I knit for: - we knit socks & sweaters for the kids living in (mainly) Russia orphanges, and your Magic 28 sock pattern is PERFECT as the sock size we knit most often is 4"-6" foot length.


Hey! I would love to take part in this!!! Consider me signed up!!!


count me in - I have no blog and no plans to have one though, if that's ok - so how DO I join without a blog???

thanks for setting this up, marianne


consider me signed up. I want to help, yep, yep, I do :)

marie in florida

got here through Zeneedle; finished my first 28-sock to the end of the gusst while watching "the illusionist". as i told Margene; so/so movie; great pattern.
thanks; i was feeling like i had too much knitting stuff. giving some away is a good cure for that.

Norma aka Scrunchy

This is a perfect way to use leftover sock yarn and bits of wool in my stash.
Thank you for doing this.


I've already knit my first Magic28 socks (picture on blog), but realized I never signed up for the ring. I just joined, and added the code to the blog. I'll check back later to see if it's activated yet.



I do not have a blog, but I love to knit socks and will love doing this with my leftover wool.
Where do I send the socks when completed?


[email protected]


I just mailed off 5 pairs of socks to Afghans for Afghans (plus 2 pairs of mittens)- it feels good to use up stash yarn this way. Thanks for the opportunity to participate and contribute.


I finishedmy personal challenge to knit 12 pairs of Magic 28 socks (though my gauge is tight, so mostly they were Magic 36) by Christmas. The last 7 pairs went in the mail today to CIC. Thanks for letting me participate.

(pics of the 7 pairs on the Dec 9 post of my blog).

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