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    Tuesday, September 22, 2009


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    Glad to hear your tummy's better. And doesn't Margene look mah-vah-lus!


    Dear Mr, Jefferies,

    My name is Ned. I is bigger than you. I is a cat. Poop ona tile floor. Not the carpets. Don't asks how I knows.

    Feel betters.




    Keep improving, Mr Jeffries. A. Alpha and David are/were worried outta their minds about you. Probably so much that they wouldn't even care if you pooped on the rug, but don't try to test that theory. Abby the Doberman and Jake the Staffordshire Bull Terrier wish you better, too.


    Mr J - the only way to get those crazy humans to stop obsessing on the poop is to just poop and get it over with. (But take Ned's advice...)

    Love the picture of Margene!


    Glad you are feeling better, Mr. Jefferies. Keep up the good work. BTW, now is your chance to really be pampered and catered to. Play it for all it's worth.

    Your fan,

    Nicolas Lewis (I live with Adelaide and I'm a cat)


    Oh my Mr. Jefferies! The indignities we suffer. Hilarious picture of Margene. Good to see her on the mend.


    Hope you are feeling better!


    Sounds like a wee bit of on the mend, Mr. J! Feel 100% better soon!


    So glad to hear Mr. J is eating so well! I'm sure it's just a matter of time before the poop catches up . . . being at the tail end (ha!) of the digestive system. Go, Mr. J!


    Dear Mr. Jeffries,

    Our team hopes that you will feel better and you are all well. Think about the good things and your life will be more happiness.

    Best wishes


    Mr Jefferies, try being in the hospital. You'll have little dignity (or modesty) about life's scared moments. Just do it.

    Jean E.

    Hey Mr J. Feel better soon so you can go play with that big black cat again.


    Dear Mr. Jefferies: There is nothing wrong with pooping outside or on the bathroom floor; if you decide on the latter option, the bathtub is even better. It's good to see that you're on the mend and hooray for refusing to wear those silly glasses. You have your dignity and reputation to uphold, just like your tail.

    kisses on the belly!


    Mr. J - we're thinking if you are horrified @ poop discussions that you must not be a regular reader of A. Alpha's blog. Gracie here - use the tail pump action and BE the playpoop machine - get in the zone. Sadie here - I know JUST what you mean - I HATE when they follow me around watching - a girl gets no privacy @ my place either. But regardless the privacy issues - never try to hide it - the peoples can get very cranky when they can smell but not find - no matter how worried they are - trust me on this one. Sadie & Grace


    Glad to read the little one is doing better. Keep an eye on him though...many years ago one of my dogs managed to get an acorn stuck in her intestines.

    These little furry ones keep us humble don't they? :)


    Rocket dog sending my regards. I blew lunch big time on the braided rug Sunday. Hope you're tip top again soon.


    Nope, nothing is sacred. A good poop is a good thing, hate to break it to you.

    Mary Fran

    Anxiously awaiting the poop update. Perhaps we should set you up on twitter so you can tweet about it!


    I'm prayin' for poop today (have done this before!)... lots and lots of poop!!


    Ooooh Poor Mr J, hugs...

    Mr Jinx here says to tell you he always heads for the bathroom when his humans are not reading the signs. He also says what a clever boy you were to eat the grass, very good for poorly tummies.


    Mr J, "Everybody Poops" (along with "The Gas We Pass") is one of my son's favorite books. (Umm he's 27 and when he was in college I also had to buy a set to add to his fraternity house library but we won't mention that.) Perhaps A. Alpha can borrow it from the library for a little inspirational reading for you. If you do feel the urge to do your business in the house, find a nice piece of newspaper and carefully wrap up your offering. That should freak them out and reinforce what a clever boy you are. Glad to hear you are feeling better.


    Oh dear. I didn't realize it was so serious. I'm glad the doggie is better, but yes, a poop would be better. (Can't believe I just typed that...)


    The Meezer sends her regards!!!
    (and seconds that Mommie's and A Alpha's are a lot happier when the poop is on the tile floor)

    Seanna Lea

    Ah, Taro Gomi. Very popular this pooping passtime.

    Luckily our kitty only poops in her litter. Of course, when she eats too fast that can go anywhere. Makes me nauseous, but she doesn't care as long as she gets some more food.

    Angie L.

    Dear Mr. Jeffries,
    Glad to hear you are feeling better, hope you make a full recovery quickly. You should definetely shoot for easy wipe/hose surfaces. Methinks that "carpet pass" is a trick. Last time I went on the carpet, I got a bath right after! But that could be because I got some poo on my fluffy buttchops. Not too sure. So I haven't made a repeat carpet performance since, just in case.I'm not a fan of the water.
    Wags and sniffs to ya,
    Susie, the chiweenie.


    Dear Mr. J,
    I am quite a small cat, and even I am bigger than you. My mom says she'd rather clean up poop on the carpet than pee on the clean laundry. Maybe I shouldn't even say that out loud? But the laundry is so soft and kneadable. Anyway, I'm glad you feel better and I hope you poop soon!
    Callie aka The Evil One


    Did you poop yet, little man?


    Poop, Mr. Jeffries, Poop!

    elizabeth a airhart

    hold your ears mr jeffries


    It is okay, those humans are funny ones. But they love us what can you do?

    Dog friend of Stephie's


    My new mom says I'm a champion pooper. She says I poop more than any cat she's ever had. So, just let me know if you need advice, okay?

    Vinnie the Old Cat

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