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    Sunday, September 06, 2009


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    So that's what you get when you're a power user. I'd always wondered.

    Let me know how the pack-up and move goes. I hate the thought of it, but I'm tired of being treated like I'm nothing and paying for the honor.


    I'm so sorry about all of this! Lead on Pied Piper and I will follow!


    OMG...too funny but not really. Yahoo 360 screwed me and others after I posted for two years. Blogger would not import from them but WordPress would so I had to go through WordPress and then have Blogger import from there. However, I lost the first picture of every post. Freaking frustrating it is.

    Well, you tell them, Norma. You can get a clear message across (i.el "fuck you") quicker than anyone.

    So, don't let this incident screw up the tension on your knitting


    Hmmm, Okay. I'll choose the category of "Fuck Off". And I, too, will follow the U-Haul to your new digs.


    Fuck off seems to be the only appropriate response. Looking forward to seeing you at the new site. Good luck with the move.

    Margaret in Ontario

    Your description of the power user's "special" treatment somehow brought to mind an expression that a woman I used to work with had learned as a student in (I think) Spain. Loosely translated, it meant "Fuck yourself -- and dance."

    Dance on, Norma! Wherever you're posting, I'll be reading. And enjoying immensely.


    I was curious so googled and this came up - NOWNORMAKNITS.COM -The fastest and easiest way to get what you want! - looks like an informational site w/ links to vendors.

    Your blog was listed right below it.
    BTW - Wherever you move - I'll help unpack!


    I couldn't buy either so I went with, which you know, of course. And I use wordpress and I am hosted by siteground. Their customer service is very good and JessaLu was the one who did a lot of the work for me. She comes pretty cheap, too, so I wouldn't hesitate to ask her for help if I were you.


    I've had my own domain name for years first at Princess of Pink and now at Corgi Hill Farm. I also don't have your level of sophistication on my blog so moving will be something I do on a few Insomnia filled nights. Good luck with yours and I'll see you on the other side!


    Go Norma Go. My favorite kind of FO. Enjoy the day!


    Well, naturally 'Fuck off' works for me. xox


    ok, went and read through both tutorials, crap, crap and crap. or ca-RAP. perhaps even holy crap.


    Good luck with the move. And good for you for not crumbling when you thought about all the effort it would take to transfer everything.
    Looking forward to the house-warming party. I'll bring eggs. We can chuck them at Typepad.


    I just searched your archives for the slow roasted tomato recipe. The cherry tomatoes are taking over. But as a loyal reader and no-so loyal commenter I wanted to say that I love the archive. I have learned a lot here over the years. Thanks


    Good for you! Enough is enough indeed! I'll go with FO! Can't wait to see you move and be rid of Typepad once and for all. Yes, have Jessalu help you. I hope our Cookie follows suit and does the same.


    well, hell. I think the most frustrating thing in the world is having your life, your only life, impacted by something/someone you've worked with, paid for, and, by the way, this is all supposed to be fun and we're going to help you. It takes the trust right outta a person! Nonetheless, we are here, Norma. We will be there. Remember that hiatus you took this summer? We stuck by ya. We'll be here. If I had a blog, I'd transfer out this platform right behind you, Norma Rae!

    This is supposed to be fun. Show them. We got your back.


    Congrats on the domain! I'm confident you can find something that works for you!


    I hope the move isn't too terrible. I'll be watching for the new site.


    So, does this mean you wrote to Pete?


    Are you committed to using WordPress? Because switching to Movable Type (another SixApart product) may be simpler. I'd be happy to help you get set up if you need it. (LivingDot is a *great* host for bloggers, by the way. It's pretty much their specialty and they will have MT or WP pre-installed for you.) Good luck!


    I haven't been to the hated FB for so long I really have no idea what the issues are. I do know if Norma is this pissed, it must be REALLY BAD. (Do these idiots know with whom they are messing?!) Alas, my much neglected blog (about to be abandoned anyway) doesn't have the following or content to make it worth going through any of what you are going through. I think I'll just cancel my Typepad account and fade into oblivion......or maybe I'll go out with a BANG, one parting shot, as it were!


    I've already emailed you this privately, but for your readers benefit, the U-Haul trip from typepad wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. Surprisingly, all the photos and links migrated from the main home page, though I had to split the file up into sections, it was so large. Now, the photos are linked to my typepad account still, so I'll need to move them before I delete the old blog, but it will be easier since I can see what they are for each post.

    I haven't figured it all out yet, but we're college-educated, I'm sure we can do it!


    I just wanted to let you know (from a mostly lurker) that we SO APPRECIATE your efforts with your blog. I read and look forward to you every day.
    Also, I like the little nostalgia bits at the end too.


    FWIW, I use Hostmonster for my shop's site and new blog. There's a great automatic set-up thingy for WordPress. Hostmonster has been reliable and certainly affordable. As to TypePad -- they should take a long leap off a short pier. Best of luck on figuring out the transition.


    uh-oh, was I the one? Not really annoyed, just didn't notice before (what does THAT say??), and thought maybe it was another unasked for add-on. ANYHOO, try IHS web hosting solutions. Susan at I'm knitting as fast as I can turned me on to them. $15 per year, and Peter either helps you do what you need to do or takes care of it quietly in the background.


    I hate the nostalgia thing too, just ftr. (I've READ all your posts. I want NEW stuff. bitchbitchbitchmoanmoanmoan.)
    Anyway, when you make the move, I bet there are loads of us who'd get a month or three assigned to us who'd help you check links and such. I know I'd be happy to help. (And also, that's one advantage to hosting your photos outside your blog.)


    What a pain in the ass. Unneccesary pain.
    I enjoy the links to archives and always enjoy visiting you at your blog. Hope the move isn't too annoying and I'm thrilled you'll be on your own site!

    Cheryl S.

    Interesting. was registered on August 15 of this year.


    Let us know when you've settled into your new place. I remember when we were teens that if someone pissed us off we would say, "Take a flying fuck at a rolling donut." Why a rolling donut or even a donut, I don't know but it seemed appropriate. For me, I don't really care if the pics don't transfer to the archives as the text is why I'm here, the pics are just a bonus. I've been using Wordpress for a year now, not for my own blog but for one I work for, and have never had issues with them, although they just sent notice that there is a worm that is invading unprotected blogs and are urging everyone to update. But it is easy to use and the customer service has been curteous and swift.

    Anyway, looking forward to your new place and of course we will have to have a blog-warming party.


    I blogged last night about a work-around for the comment thing. In a nutshell, you read and reply to comments on your comment page at TypePad. It works for me, for now. I don't have the time or leisurely brain cells for the next month or so to deal with migrating and learning something new.

    But whither thou blog goest, my Google Reader wilt follow thee!


    Moving is never fun, but the being in a new place, checking out the new neighborhood can be. Can't wait for the blog warming party!

    elizabeth a airhart

    type pad can be a pain in the neck if you need
    to use it to sign in to a comment page

    we shall be there / now i know why nownormaknits
    gave me we can not this page does not exist
    i go in to history to come here

    we will be there


    Damn! I haven't really processed this enough to know if I will make any changes.... already moved once, about three years ago, from Blogger to Typepad, and that was enough of a pain. I will follow you anywhere though, so will be keeping watch on!


    You GO Girl! I love your past links! I love your blog and will follow where ever you move it!


    You know, as a minimal commenter, it makes me feel like quite the freeloader to come and read your posts (yes, every day because you're on my Google Reader list) and then, when you have a post like this one, to realize exactly how much work you put into maintaining a blog. Thanks for all the work - I think it's important that even though this blog is important to you, it's also important to your loyal public! (Does that make you feel like royalty?)


    Since I only know how to read blogs, I have no idea what you're going thru. But I say to those who are causing you so much angst and annoyance: "Fuck Off and Die!" And wither thou goest....etc etc.


    A whole extra sentence? Well, as long as the extra money each month is worth it...


    I really want to watch how you manage this move. . . maybe, like, for future personal reference or something. . . Best of luck to you! :-) Somehow, I know you'll come out on TOP!


    There is somewhere out there in blogland a place where you can get your blog made into a book. This doesn't help the nostalgic readers at large but would be a fun personal memento for you.
    I already have a Blogger site I don't use. It was a just in case...
    Must go rant officially to Typepad now so they can chalk up another one to the Dissatisfied List.


    If you build it...NormaKnits...we will come.

    elizabeth a airhart

    good night


    Congratulations on your 'own' domain name - I think that's sort of exciting for you :) Looking forward to following all the further developments as events warrant...


    I'm sorry that it has come to this, but glad to know you are working on the best solution available. I hope the move goes as smoothly as it can.


    I got the very same canned response you got from Typepad. Lorette - aka The Knitting Doctor - had a great post about switching to a new service provider. Check it out. I'm still thinking...

    Mary Fran

    Well, crap - I missed a day and all hell breaks loose. Whatever happened to the customer being right? Sometimes I just hate companies and the way they treat their customers. I've been all in a tizzy over the Sigg bottle hoopla. TT: I'm a city girl at heart, even though I grew up across the street from a corn field. Lived 14 years in the city proper of Chicago. While the shore is beautiful and I love the space we have now, I still feel energized by the city.


    i've heard lots of complaints about typepad over the years, but i think this one takes the cake. you go, girl.


    WHATever happened to customer service? The customer is always RIGHT? Sounding familiar? Anyone??


    I came over here via knitorious and am upset with typepad too. I did open a ticket and got the standard response but I also sent an e-mail to someone else at typepad and got a more understanding response. If you'd like to see what he said, e-mail me: (Just thought I'd include my e-mail to make it easier to respond. :)

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