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    Friday, March 13, 2009


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    Recognizing there's a problem is the first step ;0) Congrats on 7 days "clean."


    Thank you for having a sense of humor, dear.

    Congratulations on being diet soda free for a week.




    You had a maple ONE??? ONE??? This diet coke business has given you MACHO/MUCHO self control. I am impressed.


    I'm in the no-fruit-in-my-salad-thank-you camp, but I will admit it's pretty!
    Those meringues look like little clouds ready to float away...

    And good for you on the diet cola front!


    OMG, those meringues...


    Hmm. I can just picture you executing a really complicated turn around. I wonder why? LOL
    Those meringues look fantastic! I haven't had one of those since my mom made them years and years ago.


    Those meringues look huge! What a great discovery and congrats on the behavior mod!


    You go may really be kicking ass this time around.
    I need to find a place like that and have my own celebration!

    marie in florida

    i love fruit and almost everything in my salad. in a few months i'll want to go to your garden with a small knife; a loaf of crusty bread and some cheese; that would be a great lunch.


    Mmm, that salad looks great. It may well be that you can't get local salad greens right now, but my farmers' market has had baby lettuces and spinach for a few weeks now--greenhouse grown.


    I would have walked off with a plate of the bunny meringues! They almost are to cute to eat!


    Ooooh, I love this place (and Mirabelles, too). They have the best veggie burgers ever! I thought it was run by NECI but it does not seem to be listed on their website either.


    Mmmm, that's my kind of lunch! or breakfast, or dinner. I'd toss in some pears too.
    Good going YOU!


    What a gorgeous salad! It has made me crave something fresh like that...gotta see what I can find for lunch.


    Kicking ass on the soda can. Nice.


    Hmmm.... I have not made meringues in years! I have 18 banty eggs that need to be used today. Now I have to figure out what to do with the yolks.



    Tracy J.

    OMG - maple! meringues! maple meringues! and a real salad, not just shredded cabbage and a cherry tomato! Sigh. That sounds delightful. And stay strong on the soda - you're doing awesome.


    Yes, Yes. It is a little slice of heaven. Have any of the chocolate desserts and you will die! Wish yesterday had not been such a horrible day for me, I would have joined you. 2 crowns and an upset 15 year old do not go well together. Glad you stumbled upon it.


    Phenomenal job kicking the can! You deserve a little meringue 'to go'.


    Party on a plate.
    Wish I were there. LX


    Mmmm...tastiness...except for the blueberries.


    I've been there for breakfast. OMG.... To Die for!!


    Great job on the diet coke detoxification! Those meringues look awesome.


    I'm so proud of you. Skinny bitch.



    Chef's Corner is one of my favorite places. The gals at the office take me there for lunch on my birthday. They have so many healthy and tasty choices.

    elizabeth a airhart

    i am in the state of florida and in a state of envy
    its fun to find spring in out of way places

    good night norma

    Lisa in Toronto

    Just wondering if you have bought a cool silver straw and gourd to use to drink your yerba mate?
    The internet says the straws are called bombillas, and have a strainer at one end.
    Always room for a new gadget!


    It sounds delicious Norma!

    Jenn C.

    Wow, that salad looks AMAZING.

    I too love days out and about on my own. No set plans, no one else to answer to, just ambling around.

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