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    Thursday, November 13, 2008


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    Nice clothing drive! Will go check my closet. You may want to mention/recommend clothing sizes for the migrant workers. Many are from Central America and are smaller in stature than we are. So XL sizes esp in coats probably won't work out too well. Just a thought.


    I love it when I have a few woolen items I haven't sent anywhere yet. I will definitely dig out all my unfinished items and finish them for this drive. I know I have several finished hats and one almost-finished scarf. And I have a whole morning of knitting time. Life is good.


    Manise makes a good point! Although we'll accept any sizes, the workers are generally on the shorter/smaller side.

    And in my defense, I swear he said another word while he was trying to think of the word "pectoral"! :-)


    You are learning some very strange things.
    The clothing drive sounds like a great idea. I'm going to check our coat closet and donate locally.

    Jean E.

    I know I have at least one pair of socks and a hat on hand!


    I forwarded the information to my mom. Anything I have, I'll donate locally.


    First year medical school can use all the humor it can get. As a board certified internist, I believe the proper term for gynecomastia is Moobs (man boobs).


    I thought it wasn't the size but how you use it... to think I've been wrong all these years... LOL


    Does Ally really think you don't have the word "pecker" in your system somewhere? Silly Ally. ;^)

    Seanna Lea

    Heh. A lot of my guy friends joke about having moobs, but don't really. They're just a little on the chubby side (and I am almost positive that they've also been calling them something else, which probably isn't safe for a family blog).

    The clothing drive sounds like a great idea! I've donated most of my coats and other cold weather gear to Massachusetts local groups, but I'll dig around again and see if I have anything that I can send up your way.


    A ha! I've got a couple of heavy wool sweaters that will be perfect.

    (Thanks for the giggle, BTW, I surely needed it on this gray day.)


    Oh, too funny!! Now I'm going to giggle about pecks all day.
    We had a clothing drive here recently too.


    I hate it when those pecks grow.
    I think it's wonderful that Ally is collecting clothing for the cold. Warms MY heart.
    I pledged to the Salvation Army Bell ringer at my local grocery store that I'd give a little every time I drop in which will add up to a lot by Christmas.
    Made his day.


    Good for Ally! Folks who come from a warm climate have NO idea...


    Good job organizing the clothing drive... let the churches in your area know. A group does something similar in my area for winter coats, though I just passed a few along to one of the mamas in my early childhood program. Things don't make it far from home in this climate before someone grabs them. It has been the same way with the chemo caps.. the minute I get one finished, someone comes along needing one for a friend. Tell Ally she is a grrl after my own freudian slips.

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