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    Wednesday, October 29, 2008


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    Cheryl S.

    You had to make me do it, didn't you? I had to Google 'breast cupcakes' to see the Janet Jackson ones and the obese guy. Sheesh. You know we can't leave that shit alone after you go and write about it.


    Apparently someone didn't stop playing with the ice cubes soon enough and they frosted over.


    ROFL! I made a pie chart! I have now MADE IT in life. I will be happy all day long.
    You have a thing for cupcakes, don't you?

    Dave Daniels

    I think that's a Zit Cake. It has a white head.
    Of course, I'm gay, so what do I know about perky pink nipples, anyway?


    Kudos to them for making the cupcakes but, yes, the nip is a little weird.


    I like what Dave said the best.

    Teresa C

    I was so with Sandy!


    I'm with Cheryl. I just had to look for the Janet Jackson cupcakes! Curiosity kills...


    Maybe I should make a batch and take them to work for Halloween.


    ahem. i have young boys in the room! those made me giggle, lol.


    You didn't account for the lurkers who said, "Huh, that's interesting" and went off to find some Alphabits.
    And this pie chart is best of all:


    Aaaa, the white nips gave me the shudders. Perhaps a red grape would've worked better? (zit cake, snort)
    See? Pie.... everyday.


    So, apparently, the floor is rather messy at court reporting school, eh? I totally need to make some of those cupcakes for my lactation consultant!


    My only thought is that someone must have sucked all the color out of that nipple.


    why must my brain always be in the gutter?

    Seanna Lea

    Those are pretty unnatural for the breast-related cupcakes, though hopefully they were delicious and loaded with a whipped cream filling.

    (Yeah, I'm doing a lot of practice on the filled cupcakes lately.)


    Ha! Love the sooper seecret court reporter message. Excuse me though, now I must go do my Pilates so later I can appease the sudden urge for (cup)cake...


    My boobies don't look like that... thank God. That's just scary.


    Were they done by someone who had never seen a nipple up close and personal?

    (It's nice to not be the one in the naughty corner for a change, ya know.)


    YIKES !!!


    Count me among the green exploded heads. No aptitude, apparently. But that doesn't mean I couldn't eat a cupcake or three ;-)


    Yes, I'm on the head go 'splodey list also. But cupcakes, anatomically correct or otherwise, now that I can deal with!

    Melissa G

    What's really scary is I've been reading enough of your blog to kind of pick up steno (at least the first two lines = other court reporters?). But my fingers work too slowly to do other than let my decoding skills translate.


    I love a woman who can start her blog post with the words "sweet pink nipples!" ;-)

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