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    Wednesday, February 13, 2008


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    Oh, I can't compete at your level, but my $50 microwave is still doing fine after 6 years and should last a good while longer. And I like its compactness.


    My folks got an early-ish one (when it became clear that my Mom would be cooking dinner once a year). I think they're now on their second, an over-the-range model. I am personally on my 3rd. And you could buy 16 microwaves for the price of your first one, and pollute 7 cubic yards of landfill!

    Katie B.

    Now there's a challenge I can sink my teeth into! I honestly don't know if this microwave (I'll post a pic on the blog tomorrow) is older than yours... but it sure is a first generation machine. DH's parents bought it new back in the day (to the best of my knowledge), and it made the rounds of his siblings before landing with him. It still works very well, and the only reason we replaced it at the new year (well, Christmas, really) is because we've been getting paranoid about possible leaking radiation mixed with the baby-to-be... well, ok, and it does take quite a while anymore to heat things.. and we were getting several new appliances (waffle iron, blender) and thought we'd throw a new nuker in, too. This puppy is going to Goodwill (as soon as we get around to it) to be used by doubtless generations of college students - it'll last plenty long enough!


    Oh man. The memories. My parents had a microwave very similar to that one. I remember the dial and the "ding". WHen they redid their kitchen they got an over the stove one. It was so weird to have to use the buttons instead. LOL. We got use to it. Our microwave we've had for a few years. When we moved into out house we had storm and the power went out. WHen it came back on there was a power surge or something...and the sucker burned out so we got a new one!!!! I bet yours could withstand a HUGE power surge without any problems.'re right...they certainly don't make them like they use to :)


    That TV show is obnoxious as hell. I encountered it for the first time this afternoon. Tuned in just in time to see a woman wave her hand dismissively at the nice sandstone-y tile floor in the entryway. "Ooh, it's so DATED," she said. "This has GOT to go! We're bringing in TRAVERTINE which is so much WARMER and it's really POPULAR right now."

    I suddenly realized that I had absolutely no use for that woman AT ALL, and changed the channel.

    Thank gawd Animal Planet was showing something about baby tigers. When was the last time a baby tiger ripped up and replaced a perfectly good tile floor with a slightly different tile floor, at massive expense and waste of environmental resources, all to fatten her wallet by suckering in a bunch of rich bastards with more money than sense? NEVER, that's when.


    We redid our kitchen in the latter half of 2006, so my old microwaves are gone now. Yes, I had two - the joke being that if one wasn't up to working that day then the other would. The large one that sat on our counter was a Quasar, purchased in 1981 or 82. I went out for groceries one day and came back with a microwave that cost us more than our monthly mortgage payment! It came with all kinds of special dishes and a set of free "microwave cooking lessons" as well as a hardcover microwave cookbook. That microwave now resides in the local Salvation Army homeless shelter in a sort of half-life, reheating soup, etc.

    The other one was an over-the-stove Panasonic Genius that was part of the original appliance package for the house we're now in, so it was also at least 26 or more years old.

    Oh the memories...LOL. My grandpa used to walk past the microwave and clutch at his chest while muttering, "my heart, oh it's beating something awful, this microwave is killing my pacemaker!" Then I'd have to tell him that the microwave wasn't even turned on, but he never seemed to believe me.

    It will be interesting to see if my new microwave lasts even half as long!


    Hmm. Brings new meaning to the blogger giveaway. What's next?
    "I'll give you my cat!"
    "I'll send you my couch complete with stuff in the cushions!"
    We hardly use ours. Microwave that is. It is a fancy popcorn popper. And dinner warmer upper when someone is late for dinner.


    As I said before, my parents got their first microwave in 1984 but it's long gone. I think the one Dale had from about that era was in the garage for a while but even that's gone now. We have one that is over the stove with a light and stuff and I like it because it's up off the counter.
    I know what you mean about those humongous prizes over at PW. Where does she get that stuff to just give away? Then again, she gets thousands of comments.


    OK, I just replaced mine last year~Hardly vintage, yet, it does have a dial! Kids and touchpads don't mix and they're a pain to clean. Hey! Who's giving away WiiS???


    My boss is so fucking cheap he bought a microwave that must be last century! I KNOW it's the oldest out there...but I'll let someone else win.


    Well our microwave isn't that old (it does have a touch pad), but it was given to us by dad who had an extra and couldn't believe we didn't have one. (my parents also gave me a tv in 1985 and told me I couldn't give it back) The microwave has been living outside in what was formerly the carport and is currently 'the breezeway', aka more outside storage. It is used very occasionally, and to do so we have to find the extension cord and run it over to the table where the microwave sits. This set up actually saved us in a small way one evening. Maybe a little extra wine was involved. Popcorn? Oh sure, I think I have a pouch here someplace. (I know how to make popcorn in a pan, on the stove, with oil, not the microwave kind). I read the package directions, put the bag in for 5 minutes, and went back inside. Why yes this is Maine and it was cold. sniff sniff, what's that? Way WAY burnt popcorn! The smell lingered for months and now a couple of years later we can still smell it if we use the microwave.


    we have a panasonic microwave from 1985. it still works perfectly. but we did take it out of the kitchen and sent it down to our restaurant for the break room. it's huge, brown with a black door. because of the reliability of that appliance we have several other items made by panasonic. they were good, but not as good as the microwave. i enjoyed the trip down memory lane today.


    I'll have to look at my grandparent's when we go up this weekend. I'm pretty sure there's has a dial. Is there a prize for microwave that's traveled the most? lol. Mine's been to Europe and back! It's quite the globetrotter doncha know.


    Yes, Pioneer Woman does give great gifts, doesn't she?? Sadly, I never ever win.

    But I'd still rather hear your take on living in the boonies. ;-)


    I think PW has a few sponsors.
    The microwave thing is interesting, though - how many people DON'T bring their microwave (assuming it isn't a built-in) when they move?


    They don't make things like they used to. I love my small 1986 Montgomery Ward microwave. It has a touch pad which I don't mind. I really like the shape. It's a square. All the new ones are rectangles.


    I actually posted my dad's microwave a while ago (11/8/04).

    That sucker has been around as long as I can remember, but I think it came in the house in the early 80s. I can still remember the sound it makes.


    Hell, I didn't even have a microwave oven until sometime in the early 90s! I'm SO not impressed with that real estate guy... what a buffooooon.... and not at all impressed with that kind of mindset that has taken over, I just keep thinking... one of these days... and manOman, are a lot of people going find themselves in a self made mess.


    We have no photos because our ancient microwave sadly died a few years ago. But at that point I think it was about 20 years old. Although it had a touch pad, it was one of those ancient behemoths. And the really impressive thing, is that it survived that long with my family (to put this in perspective...the first day they bought it my aunt set a potato on fire while she was trying to bake it, this sort of behavior continued). Every microwave they have gotten since has died after a few years at most.

    Although I do like the rotating turntable feature on the new microwaves...


    We had an ancient microwave, a Kenmore, from the early 1980's. We replaced it when we moved and needed the space on the counter, that thing had a huge footprint. My dh took it to work for the break area, it's still working. We replaced it with a nice, touchpad, under-cabinet microwave that lasted 2 years! That one was replaced, after a year or so, with the smallest, cheapest microwave at Target and won't be replaced when it dies.


    Actually, my old microwave did talk to me. It was kind of a drunken joke with my girlfriends: "satan is in the microwave". We replaced it last year - but it still wasn't as old as yours!


    Norma, you forgot the time when we came over. We cooked some carrots in that lovely convection oven microwave you have. :) Can't do that on my touch pad, compact microwave, nope. Hope you're doing well!

    Marcia Cooke

    My previous microwave was an interesting beast. It was part of the Thermador double ovens we installed in 1982 or 83, and the neat thing was that you could use heat and microwave at the same time. Cooked fast and browned at the same time! Heck, you could BROIL and nuke at the same time! It was the size of a regular oven because it WAS! I loved that thing. Dials, not touch pads. It broke once, fortunately still under warrantee, but when the microwave part of it died again a few years ago, we made the sad decision that, even if possible to repair, it made no sense in a unit that old and that difficult to access. Shortly afterward, the heating element also crapped out in that oven. Anyway, I had no choice but to get another microwave and had a devil of a time finding one small enough to fit on my limited kitchen counter. We are about to do a partial redo of the kitchen and will replace the little Kenmore with a larger, built-in microwave. I've come to terms with the touch pad, but lord, do I miss that Thermador!


    Doin' the 'Wave!


    Let's try that again. 'WAVE!


    How's this - my mother has never had a microwave and has no interest in getting one. And I used my pressure cooker this weekend.


    We had an Amana just like Vicki's that my husband won in 1982. It was still going strong after 25 years but we decided to replace it with something smaller. (That one lasted barely a year and has also been replaced.) As Vicki mentioned, the door opened downward like an oven door and when we first got it there wasn't a spot in our kitchen for it, so we had to put it on top of the refrigerator! We had to stand on a step-stool to use it!


    I think you could buy *16* microwaves for that these days!! INSANE RIGHT?!?! Semi-related, did you know that Polaroid is going to stop making their cameras and film!?!?! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!


    I don't have a photo of it, but my mom is still using the microwave that was my dad's birthday gift in either '82 or '83. It, too, has a dial. :) I love the larger space in that machine as well, if only because it seems like my soup doesn't spatter on the ceiling like it does in my more modern machine.


    I used to have a nice old microwave which we had received shortly after we got married in 1990. It was my in-laws cast off. It worked great until a couple of years ago during our kitchen remodel when my husband started it on fire. Apparently, putting the foil bag the wings come in from Pizza Hut is not a good idea. My teenager said, "Come see it. It like a fire in a box." I declined. He hauled out on to our porch so it would not start the whole house on fire (it was January at the time) and the next day we went off to Target and bought a new one. We could not investigate which one would be best because it was our only source of hot food. Kitchen remodels suck!
    By the way, one of the legs fell off of our new microwave within 6 months so now it is tippy.

    gayle (aka mangofeet)

    (Not sure how to post a link in a comment - I'm new to this blogging stuff....)

    Anyway, there's mine - probably even older than yours! Two knobs (one of which no longer works), and a start button.
    They just don't make 'em like they used to!

    Cheryl S.

    I'll try to get a photo of my mom's, but unfortunately today I am stuck in the damn house waiting for DHL to hopefully deliver an "express" package that they inexplicably did not deliver either Monday (when it should have arrived) or Tuesday. I'm feeling very pessimistic about their chances of getting it delivered today. They keep apologizing profusely. Peabrains.


    Clearly, I'm reading the wrong blogs. Or am I? ;^)

    I don't have a horse in this race. Mine is about 12 years old with the touch pad and everything. Never have used the "pizza" button on it. What man thought of that, anyway?


    Well shucks, I can't enter the contest on two counts:
    1) My old trusty Panasonic (vintage 1989 and therefore not eligible) was approx. $200 and dammit all, it passed away this past November when I was forced to replace it with a new, cheap, tiny, $50 non-Panasonic machine (Note: I have a still working Panasonic color TV purchased in the '80' Panasonic);
    2) no digital camera anyway. If Panasonic only made cars...


    We got oour first microwave in the early 1970s and it lasted forever. Eventually it went to live in Northern Minnesota at the cabin where it enjoys the company of the 1940s kitchen cabinets from my Aunt and other beloved kitchen appliances from family members.


    I just posted my old, radiation-a-plenty, microwave.


    I was born in the 80s, so growing up, we had a microwave that age. I do remember the dial and the ding. This comment is only marginally related to that, though. Reading these comics I was like "Oh used to go 'ding!'" And it made me think of cartoons (bear with me here...) When I was growing up I used to watch cartoons, many of which were older (you know, tom and jerry, looney tunes...) that had outdated phones and cars, and stuff I'd never seen like wringers etc. and sound effects. Since a lot of this stuff was part of the gags, I thought (at the time) that these old fashioned things were in there because it made for a better joke, and I didn't realize that the cartoons were actually old. Also, you could still make a joke involving that microwave ding and I would think nothing of it, but kids now like I did then probably think of that as quaint and old fashioned. I'm not going anywhere with this, I just think it's interesting.


    I forgot to mention, our elder microwave met its end at the hand of my sister, who thought the directions on the pop tarts box said "microwave for 10 minutes" not "microwave for 10 seconds."


    Oh, darn. When I was in college, my roommate brought some old, massive thing to the apartment with two dials. I recall that it wasn't even called a "microwave" (I think it was a Radarange). This was in 1987, so the thing had to have been from the '70's. It would hum so much I'd always stand away from it thinking I was protecting myself from the rays. But I don't have a photo--and it wasn't in my house anyway. But you brought back a memory!


    we bought a panasonic microwave in 1982. i remember we had to go to the microwave oven store, and it cost $500.00 (holy smoke! that was a ton of money, especially since we had none.) it was very fancy, and had a touch pad. it was gigantic. i once defrosted a frozen, 20 pound turkey in it. it finally died last year. but it never burned the popcorn like the new one does.


    Norma's got a dial-up!
    Norma's got a dial-up!

    When we bought this house the last owner left her stainless steel microwave convection oven and now our microwave is sitting in the garage.
    When you've absorbed enough radiation from your old one, let me know and I'll send it over.
    If you can handle the technology.


    Huh? Who's giving away a Wii console????
    Oh, anyway, after the third microwave I owned broke (although to be fair it was my mum's fault for leaving a teaspoon in there and making it go "phuzzztttt") I've given up on them and just rely on the gas stove!


    I love the old microwaves where a turn of the dial is all that's needed to set the timer. I recently decided I value counter space more and ditched my microwave in a move from NY to MN. Does it count if I send you a pic of my ancient stove/oven?! I'm strictly stove top from here on out!


    I can't win the microwave contest. Mine's vintage early 1990s (got it as a present from my parents when I moved into my first apartment.) It has chugged along admirably until recently when it's started to squeal randomly. I'm not sure what that means, but hopefully I'm not irradiating the neighbors. I do have to confess that my microwave doesn't get much use--the occasional reheating of leftovers or tea that's grown cold, so I can't really say that it's been a workhorse.


    Ours isn't that old--in fact, when I was in high school, the only person I knew who had a microwave was my best friend. We used it to heat up hot dogs. We got our family microwave around 1985, I think and replaced it about 10 years ago when it died. But then, we almost never use the microwave--defrosting meat, reheating pizza, softening/melting butter for baking. That's about it!


    love the socks. we have a very modern million dollar microwave with a speedcook feature...does both microwave and oven. change the pans...ceramic or metal. i love it. freaking thing sold our house in MA. LOVE IT!!


    wow. i was a sophomore in college when you got that microwave.


    This is circa 1985 (e.g. it came with the house) and it's a microwave/range/hood combo. It's actually a replacement for the one that came with the house. The one that came with the house didn't work, and the neighbors replaced their oven and donated this to the people who lived here to throw in with the house. They were very good neighbors. :^)

    We are a two microwave household - the more modern one gets more use, but this is handy to have sometimes. It's noisy as heck, and I hate to stand in front if it while it's running, but it's nice to have.


    The Dimension 3--a legend! So glad I've finally seen one.


    1975 or thereabouts, we were wondering whether to move again or remain permanently (as in buy a house) Well we couldn't quite decide if we were ready for the commitment of a house (meant this would probably be permanent home) so we put off the decision. The appliance store was having a sale that weekend so we went and bought a microwave. The sharp turntable model(consumer reports liked it)with touchpad..No convection because I heard that was harder to clean....Well we are still cooking our veggies in it 33 years later. (We don't do popcorn since early reports said that could shorten life of microwave) So we bought a microwave instead of a house....the house came a year later...we fixed it up and moved 4 years later to our present place in the same town.

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