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    Sunday, January 27, 2008


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    just buy a few feet of craft leather and string it up! c'mon, you can totally do it!


    I was going to say the same can find leather cording like that at the craft store and clasps as well. It should be pretty easy too. C'mon're NORMA! You can make a leather chorded necklace. I know ya can.


    Why are the 6 finger gloves in where a pendant picture should be? ~~
    We know how to treat ourselves RIGHT, don't we? Loving your family jewels. And I don't just say that to any girl.


    You deserve jewels. If there is a bead store in your area you could make a leather cord for the other necklaces. It's pretty easy (they might do it for you, too).


    Does anyone ELSE get 6-fingered gloves in place of the last pendant pic, or is SANDY the only one who is SPECIAL?

    For me, even when she sent me a snapshot of the page to SHOW me, it is still the pendant. Could it be Sandy put something special in her coffee this morning???


    Erm. Um. I feel like Horton, who heard that WHO. I DO, I DO SEE A GLOVE!
    Very nice, er, "pendant" you have there.
    (hoping at least one person pipes up in defense of my sanity. ONE)


    Check this site out - she's a friend of mine I will admit - and her stuff is gorgeous - Reiki master and silversmith (beaded and sculptured wire using only natural stones).


    Sandy is the only one who is special.
    But we knew that.
    I see only pendants (and earrings) today.

    (I think Sandy's been watching the Princess Bride again -- "'Allo! My name is Inigo Montoya! Prepare to die!")

    Love the pendants, I feel sure other leather necklaces exist in the world, and it's ok not to take all the world's issues on your shoulders, just some of 'em.


    I left out "You killed my father!". Sorry, only half a cup of coffee yet this morning. Those who haven't seen or read Princess Bride, this will make no sense whatsoever.


    Yeah, well now? It looks like an elephant.
    (not really)
    if it starts talking to me and JUST ME, I'll let you know!


    I'm laughing so hard I'm crying at youse guys. Hey, this padding my comments with my own comments thing .... I kind of like it!!!


    I love your taste in jewelry.I like simple but classy stuff.
    If you ever look to add to your jewlery there's a site you may want to check out - The Hunger Site sells items (jewlery,clothing, and other stuff) and the money goes back to feed the hungry of the world. They also have "partner" site the donate to animals groups - child health - etc.


    Beautiful jewelry! I prefer amber myself. One day I hope to get one with a little insect inside or something.


    Kathy and Steve ( of Webs) had the woman Christy who started the Yarn house on their podcast. It is a great idea and it made me give right away! Plus TV's Ellen is on her 4th house ( from donations) and the poor yarn house hardly has a foundation! So give knitters GIVE!!!


    And I was going to suggest you look for a leather "chain". Nice picks on the stones. Off to the link...


    Picture jasper is so neat! I, too, prefer semi-precious to sparkling stones. And I'm gaga over pearls.

    Of course you can make your own leather cord necklace. And you can make some silk cords for more dressy occasions.

    Jean E.

    This past week I have been selling some of my massive stash on ebay. I am donating some of those proceeds to "the house that yarn built". Knitters can totally build a house!


    I love tigers eye! You have beautiful taste in stones and jewelry! I'm going to check out some of the links in your comments. I really like your idea of donating the matching amount that you spent on your new pieces.


    Heheh.....Sandy, whatever did you slip in your coffee this morning? :^)...hmmmmm, you have amber brown eyes, eh? So does daughter Havala, she wears a lot of amber and tiger eye. You chose some beautiful pieces, indeed! That Picture Jasper has me completely and utterly charmed AND enchanted, Gorgeous!
    I've never owned a diamond, won't either... I can't wear gold, no matter how 'nice'... I have to stick with silver but rarely wear the pretties anymore... I do have some pearls :^)
    Lovin' the house that yarn built!


    Good for you getting yourself some pretty things to wear. That Sandy is the only special one, of course.

    Sheepish Annie

    Lovely jewelry! There is a beach up here that is covered in jasper and I've collected quite a bit. I've often thought of having one or two stones polished up for a similar sort of piece. Maybe someday...

    Thanks for the link to The House That Yarn Built!


    You make my day. Please don't kill me.


    So, in review. I am the only "special" one here, eh?
    Well, HOT DAMN!
    Do you find this weird? I mean, not ME, but the fact that I STILL don't see the picture and no one else can back me up? I mean, I was out there, just standing in a cornfield when that huge spaceship picked me up. SURELY! Some ONE saw it.
    (No bloggers were really abducted)


    Your blog recommended by Grumerina. My first time reading it; I agree with her! Re: January 25th blog - have you tried Dagoba chocolate? Organic, very low sweetener content, comes in milk, semi-sweet of various percentages and always delicious.

    Beth Ingersoll

    I love tiger eye, too! I even have some costume jewelry that looks like purple tiger eye. It's GORGEOUS!

    My 79-year-old mom tinkers at making jewelry, and she made me a necklace that's really a big chunk of tiger eye. And I, too, had a pair of earrings with tiger eye and some chips of something else, and I lost one. I gave the one I still had to my mom and she made me a new pair that was very similar to the originals.

    I just love her...


    The pendants are beautiful, but I'm thinking you need to get a second set of pierced holes in your ears and wear your variety of posts without worrying about them matching....I love to wear 'real' stones.

    Seanna Lea

    I love the jewelry. I'm always on the lookout for new moonstone jewelry (it's my favorite semiprecious along with lapis lazuli). There is a great store that I can go to locally to add some sparkle, but I try not to go in. It's too perilous.


    You ask for a Ravelry group. You get a Ravelry group.


    Ok, you totally need to go to - I'm serious. Jewelry makings at wholesale prices to the public. I get most of my jewelry-making supplies there. 5 yards of black leather cord, for instance, is only $4.86 for 1mm, $4.95 for 2mm. One spool would be plenty. You just need the leather cord, some tube or crimp ends, maybe glue and a clasp. Email me a close-up of the clasp ends of that necklace and I can tell you what to buy. They may not have the exact findings your necklace uses, but they'll have something that will work. I'll look everything up and send back links! And the Fire Mountain site has tutorials on how to do it , too. ;) Plus it's here in Oregon, no sales tax!

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