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    Saturday, December 22, 2007


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    Now THAT is my kind of recipe! Merry Christmas, Norma!


    Kathy said exactly what I was going to say...MY kind of recipe!


    Did someone say tequila? Pass the fruitcake!


    Too funny! Pass the fruitcake indeed! Cherry Mistmas to you too my friend!


    Aaahahahahahaha! This one gets me laughing every.single.time. Friend Ray had read the recipe, he just substituted whiskey for the tequila, turned out pretty much the same :^) although he may have grabbed his dog to wipe the counter.....
    I'd like to thank Picperfect (another Marianne) for sending it to me... and Norma, you are SO very welcome! XOX


    Enjoyed this very much this morning Norma. It's worth a copyright!

    Marcia Cooke

    Tequila in fruitcake? HERESY. Rum. Brandy. Calvados. Whiskey, even. But never tequila. Sub the rum, and I've cade that make....


    This is the best Christmas cake recipe ever. Thank you. I shall make it today. Minus the water, baking soda, sugar, salt, brown sugar, lemon juice, eggs, nuts, and dried fruit. Or maybe I will put the dried fruit in the tequila.


    omg!!!!!!! Please tell me you have tried it.


    Oh shit, I was so excited I didn't stop to read the directions... I was off to check my tequila supply.

    hmmm.... Think I will go check on my tequila supply.


    Hmm . . . it sounds like that cake is a whole lot more fun to make than it is to eat. (Two cups of SALT? Bleagh!)


    And a Mishmas Cherry to you too...I love that recipe :D


    I think I made that cake last year, but I can't remember. The memory is strangely fuzzy...
    XOXO - happy Christmas, Norma and family.


    Suddenly, I fear for young Vincent's safety and well being.


    Did someone say te-kill-ya?


    Tequila Chrismas cake! Now that sounds good. Hope you have a wonderful Holiday!


    I took this so seriously because you post recipes all of the time. Then I started reading down through the recipe and simply died laughing. Too funny!


    hehehe, that is hilarious :)

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