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    Wednesday, December 19, 2007


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    Teresa C

    Oh man, between you and Carole I should just get on the treadmill while I am eating, all 24-7.

    Kathy in San Jose

    Yum! Thank you very much (I think), although I gained 2 pounds looking at your pictures...




    Delicious calories was her name, but everyone just called her Norma.


    The last photo is mouth watering. Definitely the way to go presentation wise. I'm afraid to even try these- I'll puff out into beluga like proportions!

    Jean E.

    pretty sure I gained three pounds. just from reading the recipe.


    Those sound heavenly! It's dangerous to read the blogs these days!


    My guess is they wouldn't hold up well in the mail, eh? They sure look heavenly!


    That is why I like to bake for other people or gatherings. :)

    Those look wonderful.


    Gee - the gym? What WILL you wear? :)


    Yum--those are one of my childhood favorites. Try "gevulde koeken" (filled cookies, filled with almond paste) and "speculaas" (spice windmill cookies). Dutch pastries are amazing!


    Why do you DO this??? I'm sitting here salivating, wondering HOW can I possibly leave work early again today, AND putting on 50 pounds!! How can simple photos do that to a girl???? Oh Norma, you ARE bad!!! Such a temptress!!! Yummy yummy!!!


    Perhaps Martha Stewart and company also go to the gym for 10 hours a day?

    Those cookies look divine--not devilish at all! :) Fortunately for me, all of my baking stuff is in California with my husband so even if I were tempted to make them, I couldn't.


    So...the cut up pieces. Six million calories per piece or per bite???

    Kat with a K

    Ooooh, yum. Looks great.


    Mercy, Norma! that pesky devil!
    Loved your last post and the framing on the botanical prints is beyond lovely, wonderful call on the linen.

    Katie B.

    My SIL is Dutch. I think I may forestall her having her mom send chocolate letters next year and make these instead. In fact, I may need to make some for this Christmas, too... *tummy rumbles*


    Evil temptress...


    Holy crap those look DELICIOUS.

    And I'm not a spammer.

    Though I do eat ham and jam and spam-a-lot!


    You had me at "the delicate bite and the sweet almond taste," and then came those pictures. All those remarks about the six bazillion calories and increasing poundage didn't scare me a bit, only made them sound goooood.

    Andrea (noricum)

    The other day blogger thought one of my *blogs* was a spam blog, and locked me out. *pout*


    Oh man. Man-oh-man! I love almond paste...




    The Dutch also make letter shaped chocolates for Christmas. According to the google page I found (, the letters were used to identify gifts which were hidden under a sheet. The gifts under the first letter of your name were for you.

    Mary Lou

    Oh thank God I don't like almond paste.


    MMMmmmm... I love almond paste fillings :} At the local farmer's market we have "Nick the Dutch Baker" and he makes the yummiest cinnamon cookie with an almond paste filling. The size of your hand, but oh-so-scrumptious. If it's got nuts, it's got protein, and I call it lunch!


    Yikes, those look good!


    I wonder if this will get through

    gggghghhhhhhhh...... [drools on keyboard]


    600 pounds, here I come! I'm ok with being "fluffy" but even us fat girls have limits :)


    Hmmm. Would it be overkill to drizzle the end result with a teensy bit of chocolate?


    Mother, would not it have been much more fitting, if these cookies were indeed pastries of the devil, for you to have consumed 6,666,666 calories instead of a mere 6,000,333?

    Just sayin...


    Thank you, Norma. You have helped me to see one positive thing about my lack of energy and whatnot. I cannot bake and consume these wonderful treats. While it is true that I am missing out on a tasty delight, I sure cannot do the required exercise to counteract such caloric intake.


    A couple of months back I had the same problem commenting on Typepad blogs. The whitelisting didn't seem to work. When I changed from Explorer to Firefox all was well.

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