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    Friday, June 01, 2007


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    You're in Vermont. Sattelites are illegal, aren't they? ;)


    Dammit, now I want chocolate cake! Waa!

    GPS units sell like crazy on eBay. If you wanted to go through the trouble of listing it, you could probably sell it for 90% of the purchase price (plus s+h).


    The gps in our last car was awful, it could never find any satellites until I pulled into our road then it would proudly tell me I had arrived!!


    Where do you keep your gps while in the car?
    It need to have a view of the sky, so you'll have to put it close to the front window...but I'm sure you know that already.


    I love Woodstock. Hmmm. Cake for breakfast?


    Woodstock always reminds me of my dad saying "Queechee gorge -- what a gorgeous gorge!"


    The Sattelites have all been redirected to the war effort. It's good to have you back, babee!


    Oh, that is a pretty town! Yum on the flourless chocolate cake, I love it when they adorn food with flowers, especially chocolate food. So, you 'stumbled' upon a sweet little yarn shop, did you happen to make it through the door and did any sweet yarn make it home with you?


    I think the satelittes only come out after dark. Check the night sky, you'll see what I mean. BTW, did you know that there is a sat. chart on the Fairbanks Museum site?


    Whoo! You're baaaack! I think the only thing I truly miss about the East coast is spring. It's so green and lush and wonderful. Lucky you, getting to drive through all of that.

    Ann in Vermont

    I got lost last fall coming back from lunch with my mom in Lebanon. I found the same yarn shop. It was so nice. I'll bet you had the cake at the place that I asked for directions! LOL. It is a beautiful place indeed. Queechee gorge without a camera is just awful- I have done that every time I pass thru!!!


    So what type of camnesia do I suffer from? I can't even remember to BRING the camera.

    Glad you found new shop and café. And don't you know your way around Vermont by now? I have a friend who has an almost pathological lack of sense of direction (gets lost going to places she's been to lots of times; can't give directions to her own house; etc) so I'll let her know to avoid VT.


    How can you get lost in Vermont? We have counties in Oregon that are bigger than Vermont. Just keep driving in Vermont, and you're bound to hit a major road in a couple of minutes. Of course, trying to find a particular place can get tricky because your roads don't go in straight lines. OK, considering the geography and the cartography, I was entirely too harsh. I would probably get so lost in Vermont that I would think I was in New Hampshire. BUT, you did get where you were going and you found a new yarn store and chocolate cake. Way to triumph over adversity!!


    Awww..Woodstock! That's where we lived before we moved to CA last year. You were about 1.5 blocks from our old house. I know the yarn shop (they helped me through my first months of newbie knitting in the fall of '05 - VERY nice people), but where did you get the pastry?


    ooo-that is my favorite local yarn shop, even if i have to drive to get there (there is one in my town, not nearly as nice or friendly).

    whenever i take my daughters to billings farm (nearby), we always have to visit the yarn too!

    Marcia Cooke

    I loved our Magellan, nicknamed "Maggie", till she died on me in Baltimore last year just before I was supposed to go to the airport to pick up my friend Shelley for MDSW. The next day we got lost in the "hood" coming back from our class. We got a new Magellan upon returning home, and it died two weeks ago in Baltimore. Hmm, maybe it's Baltimore, not the GPS! Now, our warantee gets us a new one (not in time for the western trip...had to rent a car with one in it for an extra $100) but we have to buy all new chargers and mounts. I think I should just stay home!


    Who is Margene at war with? o.0

    Now I want chocolate cake and strawberries.

    Happy Weekend, honey!

    Jennifer in KS

    I'm a lurking subscriber to your blog, Norma, but just had to let you know that I, too, indulged in a piece flourless chocolate cake at lunch today. I'd just come from the doctor's office wherein I had to make a handful of other doctors' appointments. Needed a slice of comfort food. What I could've used in addition was a dessert partner. Lord, those things are rich.


    Happy weekend to you too, Norma!


    You could always get a guy to sit in back seat and direct for the price of a sixpack and a bag of chips. Just a thought.


    You could think of it as starring in your very own Lost episode... (ducks to avoid flung GPS system)


    Hmm, how many roads could there even be in Vermont??? Maybe the satellite voice was just bored or playing hard to get...


    Thanks for the attribution. I think you were the first one to use it on a blog, though. It's fun to contribute to the lexicon, isn't it.

    Sorry about your battery. And the GPS. I like mine, but sometimes it goes off on a bender and can't seem to find its way out of a paper bag. Might want to brew it some strong coffee.


    What kind of GPS is it? I'm thinking of getting a Magellan.


    We spent so much time with the Billings Farm sheep last weekend (pictures on my blog) that there wasn't enough time left to go check on the yarn in Woodstock - it is a lovely shop and a lovely town (and thanks for the introduction, Elaine)


    We lost our first one (Garmin) which took a very very long time to find satellites. Upgraded (or downgraded) with a less expensive Magellan, and have had instant satellite finding. Have to get used to the small quirks, but otherwise, it has been reasonable.

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