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    Wednesday, May 02, 2007


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    Oh--my babies!!!! {sniff, sniff}


    Sexahy greens!


    A lawyer cactus. There are so many jokes and puns, aren't there? But sometimes, things are best left to the imagination.
    That judge? Is my most favorite judge EVER!


    Sounds like you lucked out with the judge. My lovely "Red Sails" lettuce that went in 10 days ago despite my surrounding it with tomato cages and various other barriers from the deer and bunnies has been nibbled/ chewed/ devoured anyways. It was thoughtful enough to leave one or two leaves on each plant. Yours look lovely! My potatoes will go in this weekend- it's been too wet and the ground too cold to put in sooner.


    What is the cactus' name and can you pretty please post a photo of the flower when it opens? I have a lovely pink orchid cactus and a bright pink cactus that blooms in "rays" (4-5 flowers on a leaf) and would love to share cuttings if you'd like.


    You have to be sneaky to get anything good out of most attorneys. *smooch* Get some sleep. :)


    You know how to grow 'em. I'm with Sandy..that judge is a fabu guy! Let's see the rest of that cacti!


    Oooh, your plants are doing so well!

    Enjoy your rest. You've earned it!

    jean E.

    Oh, yeah. Cactus should definitely have a name. Is it prickly?

    Marcia Cooke

    Glad you are going to get some rest! Nice judgie. Your lettuce is WAAAY bigger than mine, but I've got bigger tomatoes. Hmmm.....

    kelli ann

    sniff indeed. what i'm finding amazing about my tomato seedlings is that -despite their size - they already have that great big tomato-plant smell. i wonder if there's a name for it.


    Green thumbs, dextrous digits, flying fingers and a huge heart. Oh, and that ginormous brain . . I'm getting a very colorful image of you in my imagination.


    Mmmmm, fresh baby greens and what a lovely bitty tomato plant, yes, love the smell of tomato plants! Yep, very thoughtful judge there ( and he has no idea just how thoughtful). Cacti bloom, very pretty, what a gorgeous colour.
    Sweet dreams, Norma.


    Norma, I wanted to let you know that my friend Ray is selling some of his "orphan" yarns at a discount for charity knitters. I figured you would know folks who would be interested :-)

    He can be found here:


    Indeed, who does say that?


    Beth S.

    There's something dragon-y about that cactus flower. Very cool.


    Speaking of gardening...could I interest you in a few siberian iris bulbs ? I deadheaded hundreds of them yesterday. they multiply like rabbits on steroids.


    Yummy! Have you been able to get that stuff in the ground, or is it in flats in the house?



    I love seeing all those little green babies. It's raining here today. ::happy dance::


    Let's hear it for the judge!

    I think that cactus is related to Cara's tulip.


    (thank you for “sneaked” instead of “snuck” - *smile*) Rest gently, Norma.


    I'm daydreaming about the garden I'll plant in Portland. It's all your fault.



    Sleep? What is sleep? So glad you got your reprieve.
    Wish I could grow stuff, I'm the worst black thumb ever. Luckily my MOTH is much better, so we do get something out of the garden. Rhubarb is plentiful at the moment.


    If you have never seen it, you MUST rent Saving Grace. It's about a woman like you, with a really green thumb. It's so funny, you'll laugh your heiney off and Craig Ferguson is in it so you get to look at a hot Scot too :)


    that romaine looked so good (even as baby greens). i hate iceberg lettuce. in fact, i hate it so much, i'm liable to buy romaine hearts, and shred it myself for tacos!

    nice slip on the court thingie, btw.

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