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    Thursday, February 15, 2007


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    I had a Bible-as-Lit class in HS. I can only imagine it would be much more interesting at the college level! Keep it coming, Rilona!


    Ooh--that first peek is always a thrill!


    Wow, that is an awesome idea for an accessory to a college course. I wish my professors had kept class blogs when I was in school!


    I was lucky enough to take a bible as lit class when I was working on my masters, and it was one of the best classes I had. The professor was tough, and there were a few folks in my class who had a hard time wrapping their minds around the "lit" portion of the course. We read a great deal of the bible and we all read one outside book - I read "God: a biography" and I highly recommend it.


    Yesterday your weather pixie showed snow and it stuck? You're finally getting the weather VT should have this time of year, eh? We're heading for spring here...not good.
    The class sounds so interesting. They had nothing like that when I was in college. No wonder you love your job!


    You know, theology was my undergrad degree. Loved it. I bet you are enjoying it. Fascinating.


    Lookie there! Maybe the site of new growth on your amaryllis will counteract the snow outside? Hey, it’s just a thought!

    About knowing and studying the Bible – I wish more people would study it, too. Too often I find that people throw up their shield of “it’s offensive” without truly knowing or studying it. As we know, that applies to more than just the reading of Scripture, unfortunately.


    How cool! Thanks for the link. I've heard good things about Red Tent. I'll defiitely have to move it up to listen or read this book.


    Ha, if she's a TRUE addict knitter, she's either been to a festival already, or she won't take much convincing! I always loved the classes taught by instructors who were genuinely interested in the material - it always made it better to learn that way.


    Hello Professor Lisa! I will study the link. And it occurs to me that you are getting paid to transcribe all of her words and in the meantime, get a free class. Do you do the homework??
    Hello RILONA!

    hPNY Knits

    I made this in November of 2006
    its a fun pattern and goes fast! you'll love to make it and wear it often.

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