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    Friday, January 05, 2007


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    Fruity Sheep

    Fun Fur, you say? Finally a use for that free ball of Disco floating around in my stash.


    I have no clue how to make a button but I am very secure in my grammatical prowess so I say Bring it! :)

    Frankly, the net needs the Red Marker Project badly any you my Norma are just the woman to champion this worthy cause!


    When I was working as an editor my friend Dave joked that I needed to have a Red Pens Across Russia project to save all of the truly horrific English translations at museums. (My personal favorite was a maritime painting labeled "The See"--and, no, that is not what the original title is!) So, I'm all excited about the red marker project!


    A button, eh? I think I could do something like that. Its easy.


    Damnation, I needs to go figger out how to make me some buttons. Fun Fur...who'd a thought? Well, kids, of course. I'm lovin' these contests, just what was needed to beat some blues.
    I see Carole knows how to make buttons,hmmmmm, easy, eh?


    I knew you'd be asking Typepad for a way to correct other blogs. Just new;-)


    Contest? I don't need no stinkin' contest. I'll make you're brain explode right here (or, as my ever-so-southern son says, "raht heah") in the comments. But I need some expresso first.


    I will send my red scarf off today. Fun Fur, I'm allergic! Just for you, I'll make some hats.


    But I reelly wont to sea ur hed xplod.



    This is just about the only thing that would make me ever pick up Fun Fur again. And I'm definitely in on the Red Marker Project. Is it still considered wrong to start a sentence with a conjunction?

    Dorothy B

    Fun Fur?! Crap, I hate knitting that stuff. Now I just gotta go git me some and have at 'er.


    Good God, y'all! You mean I am actually going to have to BUY fun fur at the request of an ill gentleman who has such grace that he can think of outfitting all the sick teenyboppers in things that make their parents cringe? You tell Kate I am SO. IN. The fur will be a-flyin'. And tell her her dad rocks, too.


    I'll do a Fun Fur hat -- I have several skeins (balls? lumps?) in my stash and would love to put it to good use. As for the Red Market Project, I definately think its a good idea. (Hee hee hee -- this is too fun -- )


    I hate Instant Messaging for all the horrible grammar. It's one thing if you are writing and make mistakes without realizing it, but to purposely shorten everything and substitute numbers and letters for words! The horror!

    I'll have to consider the fun fur thing. I'm one of those who can't stand the stuff.


    Fun Fur, I have a couple of skeins that are sitting pretty on my stash. You've got the hats lovely my dear, finally a use for the stuff.


    Well, I hate to admit it, but I do have fun Fur and right now I'm glad I do. I think I can manage a button. Time to learn a new trick!


    UP to something? Whatever do you meen.


    My floors are strewn with clothing, pizza boxes and red fucking markers. What's your point?


    P.S. The red fucking markers are indeed quite handy and otherwise none of your business.

    La out and plaaaaaaaaaay!

    Dave Daniels

    But, wait! NOTHING from Scout? OMG, is the world going ot tip off it's axis???


    I have a few balls of fun fur that I thought I would never have a use for. Excellent! (I love that your friends love you so much they want your head to explode. Classic!)


    Fun fur sounds like just the diversion I need right now and the stores are practically giving it away. My red scarf went out today so I have some empty needles.

    You know where sloppy and lazy writing bugs me even more than on blogs? eBay listings! no caps no punctuation incomplete sentences but hey send mee yer mony anyweigh


    You know I was actually dreaming about this grammar/spelling stuff last night?

    Read Markher Prodgekt, huh? Sowndz phunn.


    Hmmm.... I'm going to have to give this one a try!


    Heh heh. Just came across the cliche finder website and thought of this post!

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