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    Saturday, November 11, 2006


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    "All the Morgan horse manure we wanted". I don't know if I'm impressed or amused that I have friends that think of this as a luxury ...


    Mommmmm, can I have some REAL lasagna?


    Funny, it is always blogger blogs that have 25 updates in mine. I have blamed it on people upgrading to BETA but then the same ones keep happening. I was then blaming it on them going back and putting categories in their old posts (because they couldn't do that before). But maybe not.


    Gorgeous scarf ... Iowa State colors, BTW (Go Cyclones!).

    I'm going to have to pick your brain re: my garden over the winter, so that I'm ready for spring when it comes. This is the year I'm going to get it all under control, I swear! (hah ... I first typed "I sweat". that, too.)


    I need to set down lasagna patches, too. We've got plenty of leaves and newspaper around here, which is at least a start. Worth doing as soon as it #$%@ stops raining :P

    Rachel H

    I believe you, even if your camera doesn't.

    And I think your daughter would like a care package. With lasagna. Come to think of it, so would I.


    Our friend used to say manure was 'like gold'. He would bring us trailer loads of it but, sadly, he has passed away and my garden is the worse for it.


    Maybe it's Bloglines upgrading. I've seen both Typepad an Blogger blogs with loads of updates...not mine however. Hummm. The vests are fabulous! They even sound good to me here in Utah today...brrrrr.

    Kate on vancouver island

    A well constructed compost bed is a beautiful thing.
    I love manure so much my girlfriend gave me rabbit manure (from her rabbits) for my birthday this year. Her husband said 'you must be secure in your friendship', but she knew I'd love it!


    O.M.G. that scarf is gorgeous. And the cuteness is, well, awesome cute.

    Lee Ann

    Abigail, come up and visit me. I'll make you lasagne. And while you're at it, tell your mum she should come with you, for chrissakes...


    (Missed you like crazy Friday)

    gale (she shoots sheep shots)

    Love that scarf! I've never found that pattern appealing till now.I'm already thinking of what I could use for one. A load of Morgan horse manure? Still not appealing.


    My sister lives on a horse farm. You should see the size and quantity of the veggies in her garden! And she's an insanely busy mom of two small kids who works two 12-hour shifts on the weekends, so you can imagine how much attention the garden gets. Enough said.


    the same thing is happening to my bloglines!
    It's very confusing! lol.

    Beautiful job on the scarf!
    Speaking of scarf-ness; I'm finally getting around to dyeing some yarn for my Red Scarf! (finally!!)

    Hope you are injoying this insanley confusing freakishly warm weather.


    injoy?! sheesh!
    Clearly I need more coffee!
    Enjoy your day!

    Teri P

    Wow - reading this just triggered a memory of my childhood. I remember going to horse stables with my dad and helping him fork up piles and piles into the truck to bring home to 'feed' our garden. Also raking leaves in a friends' yard and driving back across town ... with three or four kids laying spread-eagle on top of the leaves to keep them from blowing all over.


    I love it that you are giving lasagna gardening a whorl :-). A new spin... never mind, I could get a little out of hand. Anyway, I have a friend with horses - I have to let her manure really compost or I get all kinds of grasses and alfafa growing.


    What cool scarf! The Dulaan vests are really cute!

    Here's more food for thought for your garden. Now that I no longer have lawn clippings - I need to keep this in mind.


    Norma! Fix that girl some REAL lasagne! ;)

    Your scarf is beautiful!


    I think Bloglines itself had an update, because almost every blog I read reposted the last several posts.
    Hooray for lasagna gardening! I came across a site recently about a family who grows all their own food on their tiny plot in Pasadena, and it made me want to grow a garden myself. I should probably start it soon if I'm going to - before it gets too cold. I have a few days yet - last night we slept with all the windows open and I still needed a fan!

    Kat with a K

    Looks great!

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