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    Wednesday, March 22, 2006


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    The old bate and switch? You are such a stinker Norma. ;)


    Too funny! Though I, too, have tried to root the impossible cutting. Peach branch, to be exact. Poor thing *almost* took, darnit! Ah, well - had to give it a try.


    Where do you live? Vermont? Can you grow bay there outdoors? I have a wonderful bay, probably 18 feet tall, suckers from the ground like mad too. I fill several clean-green containers a year with prunings. It came with the house and is a big reason I can never move. Give up bay infused white chocolate truffles? No way!


    It's the only thing you can do, replacing it with an established plant. Dave will understand. So will Betsy.


    It might work but I like the backup plan the best!


    Yes, he will be able to tell. But you are a very wise gardener, to be realistic enough to have a back-up plan.

    I've managed to kill even plants, let alone cuttings. I'm not surprised they are so difficult. I have a recipe for which I was growing bay: wrap a leaf around a scallop (have to look to see if they are bay [heh] or sea scallops) and saute....


    Hey, it's worth a try. I found that, for my hibiscus*, rooting hormone on a cutting in water worked pretty well. The baby hibiscus wasn't quite strong enough to withstand the apartment-wide drought of a year or so later, but it did flower before I killed it.

    *I don't know how hard hibiscus is supposed to be to propagate, but we'd tried cuttings and air-layering and rooting hormone on their own with no success.

    Dave Daniels

    Oh, I see how it is. Hmmmm....and is Abigail yours, or did you get her from the cabbage patch?
    Don't make me get the _Tra*ns*ves*tite_Rus*sian_Mai*l_Order_Br*ide_M*ob after you. I KNOW people.

    Laura J

    willow water? You get a bunch of young willow twigs, chop them into 2" lengths, and soak in warm water for 24 hours (I imagine it cools off). Then put your cutting into it for awhile. Supposed to be really good for rooting roses, why not bay laurel? Which isn't in your zone, is it? Houseplants?


    When you're picking a place in your yard for Betsy II, don't forget she wants to be a tall shrub--she needs space to bush out (or alternately, you need space to stand while pruning her to a standard).

    The tables at a friend's wedding supper were decorated with branches pruned from a neighborhood's lemon and bay grove. The fragrance was just heavenly.


    Tricksy, tricksy Norma.


    Yep. You are a sneaky wench!


    That Dave Daniels is a cool guy, is he not?!

    Lee Ann

    I was about to accuse you of being wicked, but I got distracted by Dorothy's bay-infused white chocolate truffles...ggggggg....


    Okay, fess up... how many times did you run out to the pet store to replace a goldfish or hamster for a small child? Clearly you are a pro at "the switch" and I Like It!


    Norma - have Dave try this - Lee Valley is a wonderful place...,47236


    Way funny. Again, the comments are almost as good as the post! heh Makes me wanna get a bay plant - I will not ask you for a cutting of your Baby Betsy. :)


    Very tricky! Good luck . . .


    Okay, Norma - that's the biggest laugh I've had all day --- hell, all week!
    I won't tell Dave, no siree............if I were you, however, I'd buy more than one "replacement" Betsy, just in case............


    Baby Betsy is very cute. Good luck!


    Don't make me get the _Tra*ns*ves*tite_Rus*sian_Mai*l_Order_Br*ide_M*ob
    after you

    HAAAAA!!!! That made me laugh so hard.


    Well hell, I'd pop a few birthcontrol pills into the dirt with all that rooting hormone--that should do it. Clearly I don't garden and hope never to have to, so good luck...

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