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    Wednesday, January 25, 2006


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    I have joined the Dulaan Brigade :) and I have made it my olympic challenge to knit 16 small items for the project :)! I am so excited and looking forward to it--I have some pink yarn and some purple and excited--thanks for posting the link.


    I am bummed you got to the Cash Iroha first. What a beautiful color that was! I'm also still trying to figure out if the Stashalong is meant to not spend money, or not to acquire new stash. That, from a fall-off-the-wagon-on-my-a**-kind-of-girl.


    Did you just peeve all over me??

    Dave Daniels

    Yah, don't be peeving on Sandy, she's a nice woman! Taunting. It's just ain't right. Not with the GMS Mohair.
    Amaazing how many people asked for the scarf pattern, 32. Can you imagine what it would look like to have ALL the scarves for the Project lined up on a football field or something?

    Lee Ann

    Leave it to you to find a way to get around the stash enhancement rules... :-)


    Keep going on those red scarves!
    As promised I have knitted something for a charity over here - even if I bypassed their office and gave the article to a deserving lady direct.For more details see my blog:-)


    I think we all made out like bandits! There was a lot of of goggling over the Helen's Lace, I'll tell you, and it took all the restraint I had not to take, well, everything. :)


    That sounds like way too much fun without spending money. Don't tell the authorities, or they'll outlaw yarn swaps.


    I got a bit of charity knitting kick late last year, but then the Christmas/birthday knitting took over. So, I'd like to thank you for pricking my concience over this, and I'll get going as soon as I can (preemie items for the local hospital in my case).

    Bonne Marie

    OOH ooh ooh! I am just so enjoying your SWAP! All that new luscious string - YUM!

    I just got some Trekking myself and can't wait to start it (can you see the insufferable self-control I am exerting on myself as I write this?)


    Wait, you're sending your BP soggy, snow-encrusted yarn? ;p


    Now, I think you're violating the rules of the stash along just a bit. It wasn't just about spending money on yarn, it was also about not acquiring more yarn and using the stash. Did you read what Laurie said? I'm with her.


    Hey, Stashalong Police: The reasons for the links on the yarn is to show that I "deposited" more dollar value and more yardage than I took. So I think I'm ahead of the game. Or if not, I still think I win, either way. :)


    After we gave you a special dispensation on the Joann's hard you want another for sock yarn?
    Go red scarf knitters!


    Aren't you supposed to peeve on someone's foot if they are stung by a jellyfish?

    I'm making a red scarf (yay!) but it may not be one suitable for a man...just a warnin' since I'm working with what I have (stash-friendly).


    P.S. Only peeve on his/her foot if that is where the jellyfish stung him/her. Otherwise, you may be just be a peeve-ert. Heh. Sorry.


    Hmm, I think maybe C is for Cunning, o stash trader. Hope the work, work, work doesn't make you crazed, crazed, crazed. If I blogged, my C this week would be for Camelias (blooming) and Cornus (breaking into leaf) ... spring in January, I'll never get used to it.


    Yes, the stash swap was fabulous, wasn't it? I am continuously amazed at what a generous bunch knitters are.

    Good luck getting those scarves done!


    Oh you're naughty.


    Gosh, I wish I was your Better Pal! That is beautiful stuff.


    A get-together AND a stash swap??? I need to move to New England!

    Can't wait to see what you make with that Cash Iroha.


    Keep your recommendation about all yarn gatherings including stash swaps in mind when you next host knitters (hint, hint)

    Better Pal

    Heh heh heh
    I can't wait to get my hands on that yarn! Woohoo, have I got some plans for that!


    A stash swap is a great idea--it's kind of like trading a dollar for 4 quarters(you still have what you started with). :)

    sarah b.

    I knit up half of my red scarf last night. It's simple and bulky, but I think the recipient will be pleased. And, I used stash yarn. Such a good feeling to help someone with stuff that was just sitting in your closet! Thanks again for bringing it to my attention!


    I’m with Julie ~ I wish I was your better pal, too! That is beautiful stuff and I’m anxious to see what delicious things you knit up with the Noro. A friend of mine made me a capelet with the Noro Silk Garden and I love it. It’s warm, yet thin and not bulky. Joy!

    My red scarf is just waiting for me to work in my ends and such and then it’s off to the post office. I asked someone here at my work if they would be interested in making and donating a red scarf and she agreed, so we’re sending ours in together. :-)

    Hang in there, Norma!


    I'm with Angelia - maybe we DO need to move to New England. There's already family pressure to do so, but my husband (who's from New Hampshire) keeps shaking his head. If I tell him "but HONEY, there's free yarn there!" do you think that would help?

    Failing that, west coasters, specifically, sorry janine, NORTH west coasters, maybe we need to be copy cats here? It sounds like WAY too much fun to miss.


    Yup, Angelia, Joan and I are all moving to Vermont and forming a Fiber Co-op. Every day will be stash swap day. >sigh<


    BTW, next time, skip the stashalong and go with the Buy More Yarn knitalong:


    Can I get in on the moving to New England team, too? You guys get all the cool fiber stuff. It's no fair.


    I just packeaged up a scarf to send, and was feeling so good about it all, until I discovered that you're knitting TWO. Now I feel guilty, like a slacker, and of course, am wondering if there's any way I can crank out another one in time...
    I'd have to forgo all the cables I did in the last one.
    It'd be like training for the Knitting Olympics .. the mad rush to the deadline....
    slinking back to the stash closet to see what sort of red yarn there is....wishing here were some miraculous stash of Red Lion Brand Homespun I could knit on mongo needles... knowing that the only red is likely to be sportweight....


    Thank you for putting the update at the beginning! I followed the bloglines link anyway, but I knew why it was new...

    I need to organize a Philly stash swap now.


    My fiber room is clean as a whistle! Happy, I am.


    I mailed 2 scarves today, and this reminds me to go remind my friends who are also making scarves. What a great feeling. I'm so glad you posted about this!! I told the organizer that if they do this again they need to get in touch with the knit-blogging community far in advance so we have time to spread the word!

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