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    Monday, October 10, 2005


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    Oh poor sickie Normie! Feel better--is taking a shot of whiskey considered "natural" healing? Me thinks yes.


    Oooh, yes. Alcohol for medicinal purposes is always a good thing ;-)


    "Crisis based on design and gauge"? What? They're too big?

    Is that the super special sock yarn that you got at the festival? Beautiful.


    Glad you're feeling better. I've had several people at work down with a really unforgiving cold so I can relate. I'd love to read about your arsenal of remedies.


    Sounds to me like you are rrrrripin' along and in feelin' betterrrrr. Oh that's a verrry hard 'r' to rrrroll...let me tell ya, grrrrrl.


    So glad to hear that you're feeling back to normal! You're right, the ribbed joke is just so unorginal... hrm, wonder what we can come up with instead? Knit and purled for your pleasure?


    I was all ready to say rrrrrhubarb, but you distracted me with that cake. Glad you're feeling better, love.



    Lolly made that ribbing joke not too long ago - and it was something like NOT ALWAYS for her pleasure. I still hate my ribby. But yours is looking mighty fine - hope the back goes fast.

    Glad you're feeling better.


    it's a darn good thing those sorts of ills aren't contageous via online blog reading "contact!" (otherwise I think I'd be under the weather quite a lot and would need whatever is in your medicine cabinet...)

    the yarn colors for your Vineyard socks are beautiful! I hope the next round is smoother and you're humming along soon.


    Oh, I'm so . . pleased. :)


    Glad you're feeling better Norma.

    I love the colors on your Vineyard socks. I just may have to copy that color combo. Thanks for the inspiration.


    If you're going to make this a thing, I'm going to have to practice rolling my Rs.

    Lee Ann

    Very glad to hear you're feeling better...I'm sorry I didn't reply but my computer power supply blew off...thank goodness for Portable Blogmainlining Machines...

    I'm feeling tired, but getting better...but now Twink has it. fuuuuuuck.

    Nice sleeves :-)


    Cake? Where?


    Please, PLEASE post the anti-viral regimine. I'm afraid we're starting a bout of it here, and I have mid-terms the next two weeks along with papers that are due. Please?
    thank you


    OK, so I've consumed a full bottle of the magical Apitherapy elixer as well as some other herbal cough medicine and I'm still feeling crap. Please, bring on the anti-viral regime! BTW, I giggled at the ribbing joke. What does that say about me?

    love the colors in the vineyard sock!


    does your antiviral/sinus arsenal include a neti pot? good stuff, the neti pot. the other day I was in a knitting class of 4 (including the teacher) and 3 out of 4 of us have a neti pot (including the teacher). if you do, too, we'll know that netis go with knitters. (arrrgghh)


    Every time I hear you say "virus", I go into my medicine cabinet and take one of those horse pills. You know which ones....



    But they're so must make them.

    Glad you're feeling better.

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