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    Thursday, August 25, 2005


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    HAHA! I'm FIRST! ;)

    Your hat is absolutely adorable. Beautiful work, woman!


    So Cute! And so appropriate as well!


    Cute hat!

    My four items that I made for Dulaan 2005 but that didn't get to the post office are all boxed up on the back of my sofa. with 11 months before the deadline, I WILL get them sent off this year!


    Hmmm, makes me somehow wish I were a child in mongolia. But then again, not!


    The merino makes it look Mongolian. I think you're brilliant. "May a loom fall out of the sky and whack you on the head." A new blessing?


    That hat is Waaay too cute!! Great idea!! Isn't that funny how all the eyelash and fuzzy stuff seems to be more on the purl side?? I am knitting parts for a monkey, and all the mohair seems to be on the INSIDE of the monkey parts.


    Norma, I think you have singlehandedly clothed a third of the kids in Mongolia. Good work!


    That hat's adorable. What a great use for yarn you don't think you'll ever use again. I can't wait to see what else you make in your new style. ;)


    What an adorable little hat and such a nice cause!!! Hard to believe we are thinking about winter, isn't it?


    Love the hat and your "signature" merino eyelash. Very Norma.


    I love the way it looks like a fringe of yak fur. Perfect!


    Oh...that hat is adorable. Who knew there was actually a GOOD use for eyelash yarn? Go figure.


    I love it that you have a "signature" in your knits for Mon-frickin-golia. Makes that hat look extra-warm, too.


    Amazing! Beautiful! Wonderful! Warm! Sweet! (Oh, and the hat is nice, too.)


    Thank you for reminding us about the Dulaan project. That hat is indeed adorable. Time for me to get the big needles back out!


    If you double Cascade 220 or Kureyon will that be warm enough? I have tons of oddballs of worsted weight wool yarn in fun, fun colors awaiting their turn to become *something* and Dulaan would be the perfect project match.


    Good thing it was a sensible person like you that discovered the "Mongolia" yarn (coincidentally, of course) for your Dulaan project. If it had been me, I'd still be having the shivers :)


    Thanks for letting us know. I've been looking at some of the odds and ends in my house (the yarn, just the yarn) and thinking that Dulaan was over. Not so!

    Deb from PA

    Adorable hat, some little one will think the world of it. When I use that type of fun yarn I find that purling pulls most of the fluff to the outside. Nice thing is that you can't tell that it is purled with all that fluff.

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