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    Friday, June 17, 2005


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    Hey Norma, hope your brain is int he right place again :)
    I also plan to order from Fiddlesticks, I think about the Lotus Blossom Shawl made from the Zephyr. But I really canĀ“t decide for a colour :)
    All over lace in the knitblogs these days. But after I finished some Baby Stuff(you can see it on my blogg) I need something completlely different.
    Have a nice new day :)



    Hey Norma, just be glad he didn't facilitate a rectocranial inversion, too. That is the funniest yoga post I have EVER read. I'm going to print it out for my yoga teacher for when The Foot says it's okay to go back.


    Sounds like a good class.


    Well, now Norma, you've really gone and lost your head this time. :)
    I am loving the scarves. LERVING!


    I had been curious about Birkram yoga -- not anymore!! Hope you parts get back to normal today. Must check out Fiddlesticks -- cool scarves. I'm off to New Hampshire today -- life free or die!


    So you're saying the yoga was good?

    I have those patterns too! I was going to do the rectangular one in some lovely laceweight. Once I finish the Lotus shawl and the Candle wrap that is. :|


    mmmmm... I have been thinking about the Flirty Rufles too.
    Has the moss grown between your toes yet?


    See? This is exactly why I do ashtanga, and you are going to LOVE fiddlesticks patterns. The woman is a genius.


    Oh, but think of how much easier it will be to actually cave in and BUY the Flirty Ruffles pattern now that they carry it locally. Just one little moment of weakness and.... you're a lace shawl addict. ;-)


    Oh, that's gorgeous! And red! I'm knitting red, you're going to be knitting red, and have you seen Wendy/Bookish Girl's Red Sox? Knit red...


    Ooh! I just got the florence scarves pattern in the mail this week. It won't be on my cast-on list for a little while, but it is a great gift pattern, huh?


    Oohh, those scarves are gorgeous! Lace knitting, eh? Very cool, chickie.

    I can't get the image of your buttocks being focused on the ceiling---I'm dying here...


    If you shake your whole body, starting with your head and working your way down to your feet, maybe you can reset the computer a bit. It works for my dogs, anyway.

    Or you could just enjoy a refreshing diet Coke.


    Oooh, I like that triangular scarf. Arghhh...the list keeps growing!


    I thought yoga was supposed to be good for you???


    Man, I need to find a yoga class. That sounds like it feels good.


    Oh but it's all part of the yoga flow. And tomorrow you'll want to go again.

    Happy scarfing!


    I have been looking into Bikram. Now, I'm not sure if I am running scared or even more intrigued. Please fill us in tomorrow. I can't wait to hear if you're still dragging or have rebounded.
    The summer of lace continues to roll in blogland. Yippee!


    Love those scarves - The flirty ruffles has been on my list for a long time - I really have to get that pattern.

    The Yoga class sounds great - I love paying for heat and pain and melted body parts!


    hey - i know this feeling! my spinning (the bike kind;P )class does this to me. i just never knew how to put it in words before!!


    my respect for you just increased 10fold - Birkram? it scares the living daylights out of me, the "forever a beginner" yoga student because I like working on things I'm sure I'm not yet good at. (I just realized that might be true in life too - what is it with me figuring things out via other people's comments sections...I don't get it.) (I'm no help with the lace and can't even really comment on it till I follow your links and oh and ah over pictures)

    Being in the state that is only boarded by NH, I hate that they claim to "Live FREE or die." Each time I drive through their section of interstate 95 (all 20 or so miles of it - really, you can blink and loose NH during a long trip) they charge me $1. It's true highway robbery. They are living FREE because I am paying $2 to go and come home again. (I've heard this gruge will lighten up once I am making money and am no longer a student, but I'm not sure it'll be that easy to forget...)


    Oh, yeah - I've had classes like that. The kind where you're not sure exactly how to make your legs move in that thing they call "walking"? Yep. Goooood class.

    Funny, they call knitting the new yoga. Um, never quite felt like that after a run of knitting. Felt like swearing up a blue streak before, but I can always walk properly afterwards.


    I knew there was a reason I am avoiding yoga!



    OMG you just cracked me up so bad that I got soda up my nose! hahahahahahahahaa


    Umm, did I read that right? Buttocks like flashlights? I'd love to join you (she says with slight trepidation) for a Bikram class when I am in the 'hood this summer.


    That's all I read...that Fiddlesticks has the best patterns & they are very helpful. I'd better go check them out.

    Thoes scarves are beautiful. Perfect for now...when you get your neck back. :-)

    The Queen of the Snow Cows

    You know what'll help that problem?

    A diet coke.

    ::runs away::....

    Green-Eyed Grrl

    with rum

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