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    Tuesday, April 19, 2005


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    Does taking the button mean I can wear black tights and a mask? During the day? Heh.


    Don't forget the cape!


    Michelle! You traitor!!!!! And you being in the OC and all


    Very eloquent defence, I must say. But I still disagree.


    I am a huge StSt fan. In fact, I should change the name of my blog to Subway Stockinette Knitter, or SSK :-).


    Hi. My name is Knittish. And I'm a sucker for stockinette, too, especially when knit in the round!!!


    Amazing. I just blogged about lovely lazy stockinette. I'm lovin' it on the Marla sweater. My first sweater was English rib: K1P1 rows alternating with P rows. I LOOOVE stockinette in comparison.


    Twas the Summer of our stockinette.
    Yes, it is the perfect process stitch and I'm spending much of my summer with her. Thanks for asking Abby for the button. I grabbed it right away.


    Stockinette is the multitasking stitch. How many times have our favourite knitbloggers complained of dropped lace stitches at the movie theatre and miscrossed cables while watching tv/reading blogs/writing up the results of their research for peer-reviewed science journals? Get with it, kids. You need several stockinette projects, yes preferably in the round, for those times when you're not concentrating too much on your knitting. Otherwise you'd have to put the knitting down more often ;)


    Now I've been known to publicly condemn the stitch - but I've since realized the errors of my ways. It's not the STITCH, it's the YARN. Stockinette with a bad, bad yarn is bad, bad, bad.

    Give me some Rowan Wool Cotton, or some Artyarns Supermerino, and I can stockinette for days.

    Give me some of that crap Peruvian Highland shit and I want to strangle myself with my Addis.

    Stockinette has it's place for sure. It's a great therapy stitch - when you need to be knitting, but your attention would rather be on that completely not-funny re-run of The Nanny.


    I raise my glass to you, chickie.


    No discrimination against stockinette, I say. Its all good.


    I love stockinette. I have a three-year-old. I want to be able to knit when she's around and having a project that I have to concentrate on and playing tea party are mutually exclusive!

    The Queen of the Snow Cows

    I heart stockinette. It my preferred subway knitting actually.

    Hooray for zen stockinette!


    Stockinette is my movie going stitch. I don't have to look at it, think about it, and I can feel a flub. Now if only I had the time to get to a movie.


    How can one simultaneously knit and fill-in-the-blank (drink, eat, watch reality television or engage in sparkling, intellectual discourse about Britney's ever-burgeoning form), if one doesn't stockinette?


    What they all said...I heart stockinette too! Got the button a couple of days ago.


    I love stockingnette. It makes for the perfect commuting project and after a particularly stressful day at work, it is nice to have the soothing mantra of stst. No counting, nothing too tricky, just some soothing repetitive automatic knitting while I sip a cold beer and let the stress of the day disppear. Ahhhh....


    I stand by stockinette although I wholeheartedly reserve the right to complain about it. Like Britney and winter weather, it's such an easy target.


    Stockinette-lover here too! I love seeing miles and miles of lovely vees piling up. Garter...ugly! Stockinette...beautiful.


    Oh yes, I completely agree! The more I knit, the more I love stockinette. It's the reason I knit. Just to relax and produce a lovely smooth fabric that I can wear!

    julia fc

    I remember that entry.
    I was reading you too. Terry and I were laughing at knit club last night about what cute little blogettes we all used to be. What a care-free innocent time it was!
    Now we're grizzled old blog bitches with too many comments to answer and links to maintain. Gotta keep up with all the happenings on the blog block. Ah, memories.
    I'm going to steal the button.


    I am adding my voice to the massive outcry of love for stockinette. There are many times that I have beaten myself for not attempting some of the great lace/intarsia/cable/whatever projects that I see in the mags and on other blogs, but with four young kids I just can't concentrate that long. These days most of my knitting is done in the daily staff meetings at work, so I really have to look like I am paying attention to the speaker. Stockinette is perfect for that. I would grab the button for my blog, but I am not tech-savvy enough for that :-).


    I love stockinette and I'm proud! Not only is it soothignto knit, but it looks a damned sight better than most stitches! Really, does anyone acutally *wear* all those funky stitch patterns? Would you *buy* a sweater in dragonscale? Why is it we knit shit that we wouldn't buy for twenty bucks at walmart? Why do I design shit I wouldn't wear? When am I going to stop asking rhetorical questions on someone elses blog?

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