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    Monday, November 08, 2004


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    I thought you were quite restrained. Did you consider teaching your Indian friend a few new, choice English words?

    About the pocket. Wait it out and knit on.


    For fucksake, get yourself a headset phone (if you can't get a Mac, that is. I unfortunately have to use a PC, and every time I have trouble with it, I call my geek brother to ask him what I should do, and he always says, "Get a Mac." If only someone could figure out a way to strangle someone through the phone ... ). Rogue is looking lovely, by the way.


    Um... Yeah. Mac, baby. Mac.

    And Rogue is looking lovely.


    Yes ma'am, I think I will leave the pocket off my Rogue. When I get around to knitting it, that is. If I were you, I'd get an opinion from the future wearer NOW before you knit any more rows. Having to rip out even more rows will make you say even more swear words.


    Claudia is always right (as far as I can tell). Keep going. Drink more tea. It'll help, I promise you.


    Isn't it clear to you? it is to me.
    Find your nearest COMPUTER REPAIR place. That's
    "C" as in kat
    "O" as in oliphant
    "M" as in megotajob
    "P" as in Playing you like a fool
    and so on......
    Even *I* would have at least yelled out a DAMMIT. Or two.


    Rogue looks great. Piggly Wiggly is like stop n shop, a regular ole grocery store. I've heard that in Tallahassee, they've got Hoggly Woggly grocery stores.


    My mum (also a knitter and quilter) taught me at a very young age that there were certain words one was ONLY allowed to say while sewing. Fuck, fucksake, sonofabitchthethreadjustfuckin broke, that sort of thing. We called them Sewing Words. Mum and I came home from a ballet class one day (I think I was 6) and I announced to my Dad, "Mummy used Sewing Words in the CAR."

    In that spirit, Norma, know that you are a Master of Sewing Words. Keep up the fuckin' good work!


    I sent you an email with some ideas and an attempt to help.

    Your rogue looks lovely.


    For fucksakes Norma, are you going to keep this up until we are all wetting our pants simultaneously? You are funny beyond belief - and always bang-on true!


    Oh yes, c'mon over and join the radical left-wing of the computer world! You'll never look back once you use a Mac. :)


    You'd love a Mac.... they're wonderful machines.


    In the beginning of my realtionship I was convinced to flip to the Mac Users. Beside the really high prices over here I am really happy with it and never regret it.

    Your story reminds me of the first two weeks in our new appartement when I tried to get telepgone extensions. Calling the Telecom everyday for ours, I still cant stand to here their waiting line music.
    Best service I ever got was from the staff from Eudora/Quallcom.

    Rogue looks nice and the pocket will look better when the rest is done. Actually i like mine apart from its edging. Have to find a solution for that.

    Have a better tuesday :)


    A. I have been to a Piggly-Wiggly, thank y'all SO much. The one in Hilton Head, SC is quite nice. I mighta even drove Mz. Daisy.

    B. I have spoken to that EXACT same person! WTF??! Is it possibly a clone spewed out by Symmantic?? I think this may call for a 60 minutes report or some such. (And as a side bar, docs in the US think people who speak English that well can decipher THEIR mumblings and transcribe them?? I think not.)

    C. Why couldn't you cut the pocket off? You know... snip and unravel those rows like EZ and then Kitchner them or re-knit them back together?


    Oh my gahd, I am feeling your pain. My head is about to explode just thinking about it. Yuck.

    And as Claudia said, "knit on" my friend. :)


    Rofl. I know you're probably still gritting your teeth in frustration over your adventure with Symantec, but I just about died laughing while reading it (fortunately I'm the only one in the office right now!). I've had similar experiences with Microsoft that made me just want to rip out my hair and toss my computer out the window. I'm glad you persevered (somewhat). I think we would've all missed your blog if you had given in to your computer-homicidal tendencies. :)


    Exquisitely funny entry. Especially since I just last night wanted to send my phone into orbit over a tech call to DirectTV. She was trying to explain to me how to set up my own VCR and I was trying to get her to reset my password on the satellite receiver so I set up a timer and TAPE something on my VCR. Duhhhhrrrr!!! The sad part? She was most definitely American.

    Can't we please have some competent workers SOMEWHERE on this planet?

    Maybe if we outsourced to the Brits, we'd at least have more entertaining conversations, even if we still didn't know what the hell they were saying.

    Nice sweater, btw.

    Lisa in Oregon

    Oh Norma dear, you are such a card!

    The computer guy...he can't help it. All techs think all non-techs are morons it's been hardwired into them or ...or something.

    The sad thing is I so understand...and our tech guy speaks English!!!!! ", I don't see that on the screen Buddy. YEs, yes I'm sure. Buddy, it's not there!...NO! There is NO dialog box on the screeen!" Then, of course, he has to tell you HOW he is going to fix if I understand a word he is saying for pity's sake.

    Have I told you lately you rock Norma? You do. L


    Honestly, I think you should send a copy of this escapade to the President and EVERY member of the Board of Directors of Symantec! Somebody's got to open their eyes. Voting with your feet (a la MAC) is particularly effective...much more so if the powers that be know what you are doing and why.


    Any way to hack Symnactec's website and send a profane email to all its employees? Just for the fucking fun of it...

    p.s. Carolyn - loved the Sewing Words. Completely demolishes the traditionally ladylike image conjured up by women quietly sewing. HA!


    I think we all sympathise...and I think you were quite restrained too.

    I must admit to a slight advantage in the computer department, I have a 15 year old son who knows stuff like that. In fact I just asked him whether he had heard of a virus by that name and he said (you guessed it) Mum thats not a virus at all, its a nasty bit of adware that tries to make you think you have a virus so that you buy their software to fix it. I should have asked him yesterday.... I'm really sorry I didnt.

    If in doubt, ask a teenager.....PC World ought to rent them out, I've said it before....


    Love Rogue the way it is. Hate ALL phone support, can't believe you maintained as much poise as you did.
    I should have added a #11 to my list of "Ten Things That Really Piss Me Off!" Forgot all about my deep hatred towards "Helpful 24 hour online support" Back to the old saying, "how do you soar like an eagle when your life is full of turkeys?"

    Have a Bleedin' Good Day and May All Your Yarn Be Knotless


    OMG, I'm laughing, crying, AND wetting my pants; my heart is sinking, there's a rock in my stomach, a lump in my throat, AND I'm grinding my teeth. My kids say that my nostrils flare when I'm mad, too. They'd be breathing fire, if they could, whenever I have to talk with any "tech support" anywhere in the damn world.

    It's amazing, then, isn't it, that I was so calm yesterday after hearing, "there is no recoverable data on your hard drive"? At least there's a finality to that!


    Just what I went through last week when trying to reup my Norton Antivirus...almost exactly. I went out and bought McAfee.

    freecia this reminded me of the inner "toss it out the window" in all of us...


    I am going to be a bad, bad girl.(and without any swearing!)
    I am going to tell you , because I'm always blunt and truthful,to:
    Lose the pocket. Buy the MAC.


    Oh. My. God. OK, I'll admit to feeling guilty for laughing at your pain, but you do know how to tell a story! (1) I've been a Mac person since the beginning (because I work with images and Cyrillic, something that was very difficult on PCs in the early days and now I'm just set in my ways), so I'm a wee bit prejudiced on this matter. (2) On principle I am opposed to 90% of all pockets. However, from what we know of your daughter, she has a flat enough tummy that it isn't going to look like a kangaroo pouch. Leave the pocket.


    For the first time all day I'm crying because I'm laughing! It's a miracle! Pass the dal, you doll. :) Too damn funny. Thank you. :)


    Hey Norma,

    My blog loving wife has enlisted my help on your behalf.

    1. Buy a Mac - no viruses, no adware, more stable and they look nicer!

    2. Go to this site. It has a free scan for any adware. If you do have a trojan or virus or some other malcious piece of code, this scan should let you know. (if you buy thier software, you may even be able to clean your computer up!)

    I hope this helps you. If you have any other questions just drop me an email and I will do my best to speak in s - simon i - instruction m - mango p - plenty y - yikes English!


    Norma, Norma, Norma. You poor baby. Oh, I have been there with Symantic. I know EXACTLY how you feel. Stranger in a strange land. What's wrong with this picture? Charlie on the MTA. Take a deep breath. Drink something medicinal like Pinot Noir. Delve deeply into dark chocolate. Center yourself. This too shall pass. Really. I hope.


    You could have said What the tech are you talking about?

    The Mysterious K

    Come to the Mac side... ;-)



    OH FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD! Norma, Norma, Norma.... you went on TV wearing that?? There was NOTHING knitted identifiable on you. What the... (insert favorite word here)?

    You did, however, look WAY cuter than the author himself... but STILL!

    I'm not sure I can speak to you again having missed this kind of an opportunity to share the knitting love.

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