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    Saturday, October 09, 2004


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    Too. Seriously. Funny. The game, not the sweater- it is fabulous!!! We asked for an action shot and we got that and a whole lot more! You really didn't know how to throw a football? My daughters taught me last year when I turned 40 - said it was about time. It's really come in handy, I must say.


    I like it! The sweater, not football. Football is bad because it means baseball season is almost over and the Yankees may not win the WS. Feel free to pass this info to your Red Sox-loving hubby.


    So funny, Norma. Love, love, love the sweater. It looks great~ so cozy and comfy.

    Teresa C

    So Strange! I had a dream last night about throwing a football. Then I wake up to this post? Very, very strange. You do make knitters look good, traipsing around in that gorgeous sweater with that very swank bag! Mmm, Mmm!


    Okay, well, if you are never taking that sweater off, I"ll need to add some air freshener to the list of Rhinebeck necessities.


    Great photo shoot! Plain Vanilla looks absolutely awesome on you :-) Love the bag with it too.


    FABULOUS! I knew that Plain Vanilla would be fave, I just knew it -- it had that look! I'm a big football fan, and really enjoyed your take on the game -- 720-hour game, 24-hour minute, 3-hour second -- too funny (and, sometimes, all too true!).


    Thank you for the morning chuckle. I am still laughing. I almost spewed coffe all over my monitor. The sweater is lovely and looks wonderful on you.


    PLAIN Vanilla?! I think not! It looks great!

    Man, you hit the nail on the head about football. How'd you get so smart? Hee!

    I'm with Sandy on bringin the air freshener if you're never taking that sweater off.....Yikes!


    I have serious felted bag envy. I guess I need to learn how to felt something other on purpose. The sweater looks gorgeous. You look gorgeous. More envy. This is no way to start a weekend. I think a football game is on the TV schedule for tomorrow. I don't know. I usually stay in my spinning room during the event. While spinning I will contemplate the felted bag. More envy.


    LOL! I can't wait to show this post to my guys!!! You have it so right....Even High School games take an eternity. Went to a game last night and it must have been at least 1000 hours (overtime don't ya know, ugh!)

    Lisa in Oregon

    Thank you Norma, I have never understood football...not what excites so many about it.

    I still don't know what they are excited about, but you seem to have an excellent grasp of the mechanics.

    I have to admit, I do like the food often served at football-watching-time....but the game leaves me cold.
    Thanks for making me smile at work on a Saturday. L


    Totally and utterly fabulous ! Especially with the fab bag. :0)


    Ooh, PV is lovely! I'm about to embark on a KPandS pattern--the hoodie pullover. I'll be using more Peace Fleece. It looks great with the bag too. :)

    Mary Beth

    You not only are clearly versed in the anthropologic roots of this male behavior, but you then outwit us all by showing that you are not a geeky science type, no, you have fashion sense, sporting chic plain vanilla (I just want to cop a feel) topped off with perfect felted bag. That's a lot of pressure. I am not worthy.


    Now American football makes a lot more sense to me! Give me a game of cricket any day. The short explanation: nobody moves, nothing happens, it goes on for three days and you get picnics on the green.

    Love the sweater! Is the top-down thing easy to wrap your mind around? I've looked at a couple of top down patterns and completely blanked out on them. Maybe it's just me...


    Norma, first of all your sweater looks great and I LOVE the bag!! The button really sets it off. Your description regarding football really tickled me and I hope you do not mind, but I did copy and paste and forward to my sweetie, who is a football fan (go EAGLES!) It accurately details my take on the sport! All I can say, is thank GOD! for knitting while the man watches football.


    Beautiful sweater! Plain Vanilla is just like its namesake, in that it can be plain & simple, or fancied up with a few well placed accessories (chocolate sauce, a scarf... that sort of thing).

    And, as much as I love football, I agree that a game lasts for about 6 days. That's why you need the beer, so you don't realize that an hour has gone by even though the game clock has only moved by 45 seconds.


    Look at you! Plain Vanilla is super with the scarf and bag. Have the pattern in my stash and just might have to follow suite! Looking good grrl! Thanks for giving us the low down on phootball and your pix of you in action!

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