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    Sunday, September 05, 2004


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    julia fc

    I clicked over here from Harlot's site because she said that you had given in to the siren call of the poncho, and I was going to try and talk you out of it, but now that I've seen you in it, I am glad I was too late. We ladies d'une certain age can indeed wear a poncho, as long as it is such an appropriate colour and worn with the savoir faire such as you have.


    It's beautiful, Norma. I hope you have enough for a sweater for Abigail - I know how rare it is for them to ask! So what yarn are you planning to use for your next poncho??


    What a beautiful poncho! And you're right - knitters are everywhere. Isn't it wonderful?

    Also, you've got me coveting that poncho. Hmmm... what to make it out of? And can I start it now, or should I wait until I have one of the 400 projects I'm working on off the needles? Decisions, decisions.

    This is why knitblogging is so wonderful. All of these glorious patterns I want to knit! And I'm sure I wouldn't have found half of them on my own.


    "All the leaves are brown....(all the leaves are brown)
    And the sky is grey......(and the sky is greeeee-ey)
    I'll be safe and warrrrrr-mmm....on a winter's day....."
    For some reason, you in a poncho brought me back in time to that song. Know it? Sing it, Mama!! :)
    Very seventies, I think I"m trying to say. And I love it! And Abigail? What a sweetie! I guess now you'll have to knit for her...sigh....
    It seems there's a knitter in every crowd.


    I love it that much, too! It looks terrific on you! So soft and drape-y. Harlot, indeed! In the absolute *best* sense of the word.

    What a hoot that there was another knitter staying in the B&B. She's right---we ARE everywhere. Doo-doo-doo-doo....

    Now where are those purchases from the antique stores? Hmmmmm? xxoo


    Lovely, lovely!! It's just a perfect poncho. You're knitting, color and yarn choice and Harlot's perfect pattern. Good job!!


    The poncho is wonderful. I can't believe how quickly you knit that!
    And, Abigail is precious. You absolutely MUST knit something for her immediately! (Does she want a poncho?)

    Also, I'm curious if you mentioned The Blog to your new knitting friend? Mwhahaha~ does she *really* know how we are everywhere?!?!


    I expected some whipped cream atop your head for this photo, lady. Bring on the chocolate! Or better yet, the choco latte! Your poncho looks great on you. Congrats!


    Looks great! Do you know if that yarn is similar to Pingouin Country Wool/Mohair/Acrylic? I've got a bunch of that sitting here waiting for a destiny.


    BEAUTIFUL! Oh wow, it looks SO soft and light-as-air! And the color *does* look very classy on you. I am glad you found somemore because (at least on my monitor) the color looks like it will suit Abigail very well, too.

    I am finding it harder nad harder to resist the call of the poncho!


    Hi Norma-
    Your poncho is gorgeous! I just casted on for one but the US13 seem very big. Do you mind me asking what size needle you used?

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